Five Reasons You NEED Video on Your Website

Incorporating video on your website is now more important than ever before. Here at Cinecut Creative, we could go on and on all day explaining the benefits of video, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 most crucial reasons:

1. Videos drive traffic. In the past, a simple landing video on your home page was merely a good way to help you connect with visitors once they were already on your site. These days, having videos on your site actually DRIVES visitors to your website! Search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, now include videos as part of their integrated search results. By using proper SEO, traffic that may have been directed elsewhere will now be driven to you, resulting in more business.

2. Videos make your pages “sticky.” One of the many challenges a business faces is ensuring that their web visitors stay on the site as long as possible. It is commonly agreed among experts that the more time a person spends on a site, the more likely they are to purchase goods or services. By incorporating engaging videos on your site, viewers are guaranteed to spend more time being exposed to your business. After all, wouldn’t you prefer to see a well-made video than to read ordinary text?

3. Videos provide a ROI. Well-made videos are not cheap, but they are an investment for your business with a measurable ROI. According to, cloud storage giant Dropbox spent $50,000 to produce a video explaining what they do. That fifty grand investment attracted over 5 million new customers which resulted in over $24 million in revenue. One of our recent videos for a local entrepreneur showed similar results; his $4,500 investment resulted in a $1.2 million contract being signed immediately with the very first viewer.

4. Videos validate your brand. Once people come to your site and visit the different pages with embedded videos – whether they’re videos of customer testimonials, or “how-to” videos explaining your product or service, or something else altogether; an emotional connection will spring up into the heart of the viewer from essentially peaking inside a window into your company. By showcasing your employees and clients in your videos, you create an intimate feel that promotes validity in ways that are impossible to achieve in any other way.

5. Video analytics data. Most hosting providers offer video analytics so you can gauge how your video is performing. These insights help you ensure that your video is doing what it was designed to do. You’re able to measure viewer engagement, video play rates, conversions, clicks and even referrals. With video analytics, you can make sure your investment is having a measurable return. You’ll also achieve a real marketing edge, by allowing you to improve your content and it’s performance in real-time. But most importantly, you’ll be able to ensure that your online visitors are enjoying the new video just as much as you are.