Using Story-Telling Videos to Boost Social Media Engagement

The best way to boost engagement on social media platforms is by connecting with the user! Video has been proven to be a reliable medium to do just that, since many social media users spend about 1/3 of their time online viewing videos.

So, what is the best content to post if you’re looking to boost engagement? Stories. Seriously! People love stories and if you give them something to look forward to once or twice a week, you’re guaranteed to see an increase in likes and shares!Social Media Videos

3 ideas on potential video story motifs to boost your social media user engagement are: 

  • Behind the Scenes Footage. People love to feel like they’re getting secret or lesser known information. After all, how many can brag that they know exactly how TV dinners are made? Sharing some behind the scenes footage into your company will gives users a glimpse into how your business operates and how they could be a part of it themselves. Show them how you make the product, or how you came up with the business strategy in general.
  • Personal Stories. Sharing personal information is a great way to relate to people. Does your target audience have a specific pain point you can address with a personal anecdote? Making your brand and business more relatable on a human level is a great strategy, and videos help to capture and share the human aspects of a business.
  • Fictional Series. Releasing quick 2-3 minute videos once or twice per week is a great way to gain momentum in the social media world. There is a constant stream of content being uploaded and downloaded every second. Using a compelling fictional story with good acting that showcases company products or services is a good way to engage new and potential users since they’ll likely share the content with their friends and family too!

Social media has completely changed how we produce and distribute content, but having a virtual space to share ideas is a wonderful thing! Contact us at Cinecut Creative today to see how you can get the most out of your social media presence by using the power of video and story-telling!

How to Decide Which Type of Video to Produce

The first step is making the pivotal decision to integrate video into your business’s content marketing plan. However, the second step may be unclear for those who are new to using video in marketing. What happens next? What equipment is needed? What type of video should be produced?

Effective videos will engage and establish trust with viewers while ultimately furthering the company’s goals. There are multiple choices for video themes and styles, each with advantages for specific outreach goals.Raleigh videos

The experts at Cinecut Creative recommend producing the following video types in order to grow your business:

  • Introduction/Explainer Videos. Many businesses choose to start here in order to give viewers a glimpse into the company and its purpose. Show how to use a product, or share the inspiration for the services being provided. This lays a foundation for viewers to continuing building upon in future videos.
  • Arguably one of the best ways to gain trust and rapport with potential customers is by sharing the success stories of current ones! Don’t bother hiring actors and giving them a script of trite marketing phrases. Instead, call on a loyal customer who is eager to share their experience and simply be ready to capture the magic while they tell their story.
  • These are great videos to convey quick information in a stimulating and entertaining way. Aside from voicing, actors aren’t necessary and there’s no need for an entire production crew or a set! Plus, there are plenty of user friendly video editing and animation software options to choose from.
  • Calls to Action. Successful video marketing campaigns are driven by a call to action. Should they sign up for a newsletter? Visit a website? Buy a product? Tell the viewer what to do next.

Incorporating videos in your marketing plan is a great first step toward changing the future of your business. Contact our video production experts at Cinecut Creative today if you have questions on how to get started!

4 Advantages of Creating Training Videos for Your Business

As businesses grow and expand, many new employees begin the on-boarding process and must go through training. For decades, individual or class training has taken place in-person and on-site. However, there’s a more efficient way to instruct new hires or to ramp-up current employees on new technology.

Training videos are an invaluable resource in this regard. They are easily distributed and accessible to anyone with an internet connection, making them an ideal method of providing consistent information to people on a larger scale.Training Videos

Our video production experts at Cinecut Creative share four advantages to creating business training videos for today’s workforce:

  • Cost Effectiveness. Planning and executing in-person training classes can be both time-consuming and expensive. Between travel arrangements for corporate trainers to producing training materials for employees, there are numerous factors to consider. Utilizing the power of video can help to alleviate the demands that in-person training requires, especially when looking at total costs.
  • Employee Engagement. Videos have been shown to be an effective tool used to keep people engaged. Also, they’re memorable to those who view them. For example, 80% of viewers recall a video ad they’ve viewed in the last 30 days. On the other hand, they’re probably less likely to remember specific details of a lecture or textual manual. Incorporating videos will ensure that employees are both engaging in the training process and absorbing the content.
  • Beneficial Insights. Distributing training materials in video format also allows for tracking progress among employees and compiling data for process improvements. If there are specific points in a video that are unclear, those can be addressed and revised. Making changes to digital videos is also easier than following a paper trail to revise hard copy manuals throughout the company.
  • Learning Style Accommodation. The brilliant diversity of our workforce also means that there will be many different learning styles. Not everyone can absorb information by reading or listening alone, so videos are a great tool to meet individual needs. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners can all benefit from engaging training videos, thus ensuring no one is left behind in the process.

There are even more benefits to creating training videos that are not detailed here. For more insight into how your business can benefit from this process, please contact our video experts at Cinecut Creative today!