How to Grow an Email List Using YouTube Ads

The steady rise of social media and video marketing has made lead generation a bit difficult. Luckily, YouTube has a solution to this problem which allows businesses to create optimized video ad campaigns specifically designed for email list generation.Grow an Email List with YouTube Ads

YouTube video ads will appear when people search for various keywords that match the ad targeting. They’ll either appear before watching a video or as sponsored ads in the sidebar. Either way, the design of the ad will determine whether people decide to click.

The video experts at Cinecut Creative recommend four tips for a YouTube video marketing campaign for email lead generation:

  • Pick a Video to Promote. Businesses with YouTube channels already set up will be good to go since the videos must be uploaded to the platform. For those that aren’t, take a few minutes to create a custom channel where the business videos will archive. The next step would be to visit YouTube’s ad campaign launch page where the video link will be pasted into the ad field that appears.
  • Use Lead Generating Copy. Even if the video itself is impressive, there will be no clicks on the ad if the headline and description is not relevant to the target audience. For growing an email list, it’s best to offer a free benefit to signing up, such as a newsletter or ebook. The free benefit entice users to click-through and provide their email addresses. Be direct and concise in these fields so users are driven to sign up.
  • Identify Target Audience. The YouTube AdWords tool allows marketers to target an audience specifically by country and region, as well as gender, age, and interests. No matter the business goals, this customization offers limitless possibilities for how the ad is distributed.
  • Don’t Skimp on Budget. YouTube recommends a daily budget of $10.00 and a willingness to spend around $0.25 per view. This spending is just enough to test the video ad campaign and track data over time. If marketing goals aren’t being met, consider adjusting some of the ad details listed above.

Within minutes, businesses can utilize a new form of digital marketing through customized YouTube ads. This approach is a quick an easy way to experiment with new methods of lead generation. Need help on how to get started? Or, want other information related to video production options in Raleigh? Contact us at Cinecut Creative today!

Why You Shouldn’t Shoot with iPhones to Create Videos

Let’s admit it: we love our smartphones and can’t imagine life without them now. Smartphones give us the power of limitless information, instant communication, and stunning visual entertainment are right at our fingertips. For video marketing purposes, these devices offer a way for businesses to capture videos quickly at any time!Cell Phone Videos

However, even though our smartphones come equipped with awesome cameras (especially Apple’s iPhone), they aren’t always reliable for quality footage. So, should businesses and video marketing professionals use iPhones to shoot videos?

Our video production experts at Cinecut Creative think it’s best to avoid shooting marketing videos with iPhones because:

  • Poor Image Stabilization. That sounds like a loaded insult considering iPhone is praised for its visual components, but for videos there is a drawback. The newest versions have a system for image stabilization, but even the steadiest of hands can make mistakes. This means tripods may still be necessary, when the benefit of using a mobile device should be the hand-held aspect of shooting. Also, the digital zoom feature doesn’t actually use optical lens zooming, so basically the picture is being blown up which can create grainy pixelization.
  • Need Lots of Light. iPhone footage looks considerably better with substantial light. It can be tricky (and expensive) to get quality studio lights, and depending on where the filming is located this can pose a problem if the natural light is not good.
  • Audio is Tricky to Work With. A standard video is easy to record. Furthermore, the audio may be decent since the internal microphone is close and not moving around. But, for videos with motion, capturing high-quality audio is difficult with an iPhone. There are options for external microphone packs, but considering the cost associated it would be easier to just use a professional video camera and avoid any mishaps with recording.

Although iPhones are great tools for many purposes. But, for marketing videos, they are likely not the best option available. For more information about videography services in Raleigh, give us a call at Cinecut Creative today!