How to Distinguish a Company from Competitors with Videos

Companies can find themselves evenly matched with their competitors in terms of trying out the same marketing strategies. Make the extra effort by inputting videos into business websites and social media platforms that are formulated to distinguish a company from their competitors. Videos are a popular medium for companies to make their values and products/services known to consumers. Cinecut Creative has compiled a list of video tips to help companies, who want to distinguish themselves from their competitors.Raleigh video production

5 video production tips to help companies differentiate themselves from competitors are:

  1. Make the company have a “face”: This means that a company should have a spokesperson/ representative that is at the forefront of the videos. Usually, the “face” is a way for consumers to recognize the company.
  2. Solidify company values: Make sure that the video is exhibiting the company’s values and conduct. Some companies can find themselves caught up in trying too much, which makes the overall message of the company lost. Each business video should have a purpose, but also an underlying tone of the company.
  3. Succinct product/service explanation: Keep the demonstration/ explanation short and to the point. This helps to keep the viewer engaged and also makes the company look like they nailed down a sales pitch. Also, creating a storyline for these videos helps to ensure brevity and consumer wide understanding.
  4. Visually appealing videos: Make sure to pick a professional video production company that has a great understanding of the industries in the area. The video production company should communicate with the business to see what would be best visually for the video’s purpose. Also, the video should be innovative and engaging to the viewer.
  5. Call-to-action closing: Master a closing that keeps the viewers interested in the website, social media platforms, and more. The longer the computer user is engaged, the better the chance the computer user will turn into a loyal customer.

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3 Helpful Tips for Businesses during the Video Production Process

Businesses that hire a video production company should make themselves aware of the video production process. The process varies based on what the company wants for the videos and on what the company provides for the budget. Cinecut Creative has created a short list of tips for businesses that are unaware of the video production process.Raleigh videos

3 crucial tips for businesses during the video production process include:

  1. Stick to a budget: All businesses should be aware of the budget for the video project. They should know what they are paying for in terms of the video process. Any adjustments to the budget should be communicated by the video production company to the client for approval. Having an open conversation about the cost breakdown can prevent miscommunications. Making the video production process go smoothly helps to garner a sustaining business relationship.
  2. Structured yet flexible timeline: The video production process has a timeline of steps that are completed until the final product. Referring back to the budget point, the timeline is similar in that it should always be communicated to the client. The client should also know the timeline may be flexible, but the final video should be within their targeted window of completion. Video production has many moving parts, which requires a flexible timeline for certain video projects.
  3. Create a useful outline to draft a script: Businesses should come up with a script outline for the video in order to summarize key points while also knowing the purpose of the video. Communicating efficiently to the video production company formulates a final video that is approved by everyone.

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3 Advantages to Explaining Business Services with Videos

Businesses provide various products and services to consumers. Explaining these services to an online user is better with multiple videos. Businesses of any size should capitalize on using videos on their website. Because videos act as a visual aid, they can demonstrate/explain a product or service, which replaces the user’s first interpretation. Cinecut Creative works with businesses to create multiple videos to add to their web pages to explain various services and products.Marketing Videos

3 benefits to adding multiple videos to explain business services are:

  1. 1:1 Ratio: Each new web page that explains a service or grouping of services should have a video. These videos act as a demonstration of the services. Additionally, business videos generate awareness of for a potential consumer.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Make the video’s title include keywords in order to help the improve the website’s SEO ranking. Also, when inserting the video, put more keywords in the video’s description. In order for the business website to rank higher, make sure the videos are linked to social media plugins for viewers to share the content with their audience. Business web pages that are already built for SEO purposes are ideal, but by adding multiple videos, more users will view the content.
  3. Business to Viewer Connection: Having a face to the business name is a great marketing tool. When a business has a stagnant website, they miss out on the business to consumer connection. This connection can create business loyalty with multiple videos for business services. Also, the business owner can control what they communicate to their potential customer.

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What Informative Content is Covered in Business Videos

When creating videos for businesses, it is important to focus the video’s content. The videos are featured on the website, but also are part of the marketing campaign of the business. Focusing the videos helps to split up informative content among the topic ideas. Cinecut Creative helps businesses create a business marketing videos in order for them to market their websites.Raleigh Business Videos

Some areas of informative content in business videos are:

  • Home Page Introduction: The homepage is the landing page that gives the first impression of the business. The introductory video should be short yet engaging to the viewer. To make a video engaging, include snippets of informative content as well as a call-to-action. The goal of a home page business video is to keep the user on the website with multiple clicks on tabs. The longer the user stays on the page the more likely they are interested in the product/service.
  • Business Updates: When the business as a whole does an event for the community, highlight it on a designated community page. The page’s content then uses local keywords to get local customers/clients. Showing that the business is dedicated to the community helps a business garner loyalty from the community. Also, when a business includes a new service/product, input it at the top of the services page. Use informative keywords to help display the service/product updates.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: There are ways to frame FAQs without designating a whole web page to it. Utilizing a business video can help relay informative content about the buying, selling, or refunding process without the hassle of scrolling down the web page.

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How to Pick a Marketing Video Production Company

When a business is in need of a marketing video production company, picking the best one that fits their vision and knows their goals is important. Whether the business is implementing videos for their main website or a video for their social media marketing, a video production company must have a portfolio. Cinecut Creative works well with businesses by showing what they have done in the past and how they can create a new, innovative video for their client.Raleigh Marketing Videos

The 5 step process to picking a marketing video production company includes:

  1. Brainstorm beforehand: Figure out the answers to the questions that could come up such as: What type of video is needed and what is the video’s purpose is for the platform? Pinpointing good ideas and communicate them to the video production company. Think about and set up the timeline and budget for the video production process.
  2. Find a Local Company: Selecting a local company means that they know about competitor’s videos as well as various area locations that are best for filming. Check out their website to make sure that it is a fully functioning and updated frequently. Furthermore, check out their services and their portfolio.
  3. Contact the Company: If the business feels that the video production company can achieve their video’s vision, then they should set up a consultation. Contact the company and check to see if they make a good first impression. Check to see if the company is organized and has good customer service skills. Make sure that they make time for the business that wants a video.
  4. Consult with the Company: During the consultation, asks questions and find out the monetary breakdown of services. See if they can fit the timeline and budget that the business sets beforehand. Check the professionality of the video production company and how they interact with the business.
  5. Choose them: If the video production company fulfills all area requirements for the business, call them to set up contracts and to figure out the first steps in the video production process.

Hiring a professional video production company makes the production process easier because they know how to answer questions and communicate well with the business. For all marketing video questions, contact Cinecut Creative, a local video production in Raleigh, NC.