What Type of Videos Make a Successful Marketing Campaign

When it comes to planning a successful marketing campaign, videos are a crucial part of business advertising. Videos are a summarized snippet of the company introducing themselves while also furthering the consumers’ call to action response to the video content. Cinecut Creative knows which types of videos are staples of a successful marketing campaign that are crafted specifically for a company.Teaser Video

3 types of successful marketing campaign videos are:

  1. Company Introduction: This may seem obvious, but instead of adding boring dialogue, make the video interesting to the viewer! It is important to still exhibit professionalism, but remember that engaging viewers is vital to a video’s success. Formulate a dialogue that will string the viewer along by teaching something new about the company in a short video. Also, include the company’s values.
  2. Product/service launches: There is so much power in a teaser video for producing anticipation of a product or service launch. These teaser videos give loyal customers a chance to look forward towards what the company has in store for the future. Also, these videos engage new viewers by giving a short visual and launch date, which shows the innovate qualities of the company while adhering to a deadline.
  3. Product/service explanations: Short engaging product demonstrations or service explanations can follow a TV commercials’ storyline. But, make sure to not oversell and create doubt in the consumers’ minds about the product or service. Explanation videos are meant to create a demand for customers about the product or service that the company is offering. It is always important to improve a product/service by understanding and handling consumer reviews with great customer service.

When these videos are professionally done by a video production company, the business will see more people engaging with their website and social media platforms. Cinecut Creative, a professional video production company out of Raleigh, NC, knows how to create engaging videos for a company’s marketing campaign. Contact Cinecut Creative for marketing campaign videos today!

The Perks of Using Video for Business Training

The new employee training process for new employees can be a long process. Companies may differ in this aspect of operations, but there is one beneficial way to train employees that all companies can apply: video.Employee Training Videos

The video team at Cinecut Creative has seen that young employees are more than familiar with using videos. Training videos have proven to be one of the greatest advantages in a business, whether it’s making tutorials or video blogs or watching videos in order to learn about a subject. The integration of videos into business training is positive for various reasons.

4 reasons why every company should start using videos for training are:

  1. Video for training is inexpensive. Raleigh companies are bombarded with multitudes of costs, so it makes sense to want to minimize expenses. Training videos can save a lot of money on employee cost of trainers.
  2. Video for training is versatile. As far as content goes, it’s entirely up to the creator. Thus, a company can include whatever information it deems vital to the success of new hires, taking advantage of whatever time frame is offered for the training process.
  3. Video connects the learner in a deeper way. The combination of text, graphics, and images catches the attention of trainees.  Furthermore, including stories or anecdotes creates a personal connection between the hire and the company, igniting a sense of loyalty to the company.
  4. Videos make training more interactive. Interactive training videos put the power into the hands of the employee. Training videos make the learning experience self-directed. Thus, a self-directed learning experience typically leads to longer retention of material.

The training period is an integral part of the future success of trainees. Using business training videos will not only allow the Raleigh company reap the benefits but the new employees too. Using training videos to introduce a new work environment can help instill excitement in their future at the company.

To set up a video training plan with the Raleigh videography team at Cinecut Creative, click here to contact us now.

How Video Marketing Grows a Business

Creating a video marketing plan is fundamental to growing a business. Video is a popular marketing medium for businesses to connect with their clients/customers. A video marketing plan consists of website videos as well as social media videos. Depending on the digital marketing campaign, videos can help form an engaging sales pitch or detail more about the company. Cinecut Creative helps businesses create a web marketing videos for their marketing campaigns and websites to help them grow.

3 ways video marketing grows a business are:

  1. Viewer engagement: Videos help explain website content while also acting as an engagement booster. The video’s storyline should inspire people to continue engaging with the business’s website and social media platforms. Analyzing the demographics of viewers also helps businesses to determine the audience that the video needs to access.
  2. Business Awareness: Making more people aware of the business transfers into new clients/customers that can refer the products/services to other people. The best business videos are the ones that people want to share. Increasing inter-networking with video sharing helps to generate more awareness of the business. Making sure that the business’s website has video social media plugins allows the viewers to share the content.
  3. Client/Customer Loyalty: Having a face to the company that is represented in the video marketing campaign can make customers connect with the company. When a client/customer has a great experience with the product/service, they will keep coming back and will refer other people to their network. Videos have a way of summarizing a process or product description that helps to engage the client/customer.

Cinecut Creative, a professional video production company in Raleigh, NC helps business who are considering a video marketing campaign. Contact Cinecut Creative today for all video production and video marketing inquiries.

3 Interesting Benefits of Adding a Video to a Business Website

Videos are a great addition to any business website. They give information about the business and give a short summary of the page. Videos should always have a call to action at the end of the video to keep viewers engaged with the rest of the website. Creating more web traffic to other parts of the business website is encouraged through adding videos as well as adding hyperlinks within the page’s text. Cinecut Creative creates videos for businesses that can help increase web traffic to various parts of the business website in order for the user to gain more information about the company.Business videos

3 benefits of adding a video to a business website are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Videos are a visual aid to help the audience stay engaged on the site. When a video is inputted into the page, there are hidden keywords that boost the SEO of the web page by adding to the various ways a company can be searched online. Whether it is through location, industry, or specific question, a website will rank higher with a video with hidden keywords.
  • Clicks to business website: A video is a visual aid. This visual aid should boost engagement through sharing on social media platforms. It also creates a link to the company’s website. When a viewer wants more information, the video creates a link to the business’s information. Videos with a high viewer count transfer into more business website clicks for the company. The longer a user stays on the website, the more money they will spend on the products and services.
  • Short summary packed with information: Videos are a way to keep the user engaged. Videos should give users a short summary packed with important information. A bad video lacks a storyline and call to action. Making a short video with the important facts included as well as a call to engage with other parts of the website is how a video should serve the web page.

Known for its business video production, Cinecut Creative, a local video production company in Raleigh, NC, can help businesses increase their website SEO as well as social media to website clicks. Call on Cinecut Creative, to answer any video production questions.