3 Common Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail

For small business owners, it is crucial to have a solid marketing campaign to drive business and boost visibility. There are numerous resources to utilize including social media, videos, and other online strategies. However, marketing campaigns are not foolproof, and sometimes they miss the mark.Marketing Fail

Luckily, identifying the root of a failed campaign is rather easy after evaluating the data. After finding these stumbling blocks, the strategy can be reworked to achieve different results.

3 of the most common reasons marketing campaigns fail are:  

  • Didn’t Reach the Target Audience: It’s a plain fact that a marketing campaign will fall flat immediately if the message goes to the wrong audience. Businesses should evaluate the demographics of the people they’re attempting to connect with and then appeal to them directly. Learn what they read or what their main pain-point is and use that information to reach them more effectively.
  • Sent the Wrong Message: Conversely, the strategy may reach the right audience, but the message wasn’t relevant. This ties into knowing the target audience thoroughly, so understanding what they need and when they need it. Keep their persona in mind as the content is developed so it meets their needs.
  • The Timing Was Off: Sometimes all aspects of the strategy are executed flawlessly but the end goals are still not met. This could be due to timing, overall. The audience may benefit from a service or product, but if it doesn’t meet their current needs they’re won’t buy. When a marketing campaign is strategically timed, business owners will see more success from their efforts overall.

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4 Ways Video Marketing Impacts SEO Value

Small businesses throughout the Triangle are quickly learning that SEO isn’t just another buzzword. Search engine optimization can make the difference between a business’s web page being viewed or not.SEO

One of the best tools to ensure click-throughs is video marketing. Videos help to improve a business’s SEO drastically, resulting in more pulls from keyword searches, and longer stretches of viewer engagement.

The experts at Cinecut Creative have broken down the top four ways that video marketing can positively impact a business’s SEO: 

  • Increase Rank in Google SERP. The first page of a Google search is a coveted place for a business’s web page. 62% of Google searches result in a video. And, many of those results will be displayed on the first page of the search. Videos will rank a web page higher in search results than plain text, so small businesses will benefit from including videos in their marketing plan.
  • Higher Click-Through Rates. Search results with videos are favorable to plain text results since they have a 41% higher rate of click-throughs. This is awesome because more people will be drawn to a page containing a video, and they’ll be more likely to linger and explore further once they’ve reached the landing page.
  • Longer Viewer Engagement. Once people click on the video link, they’re likely to stay about 2 minutes longer than if the page. The longer a user is on a website, the more value that is communicated to Google about that page. In turn, this will help to increase its rank in search results.
  • Videos are Shareable. People love to share content that they find either helpful or meaningful. They will be more likely to share links to pages that contain videos. This is a great free promotion for small businesses looking to get their name out to the public. However, this can also increase the SEO value of their pages.

Videos are changing the marketing game in a major way. Both small and big businesses are benefiting from incorporating videos into their current marketing campaigns. Interested in utilizing videos that will add SEO value? Contact us at Cinecut Creative today!

How To Optimize Video Use Among Multiple Social Media Platforms

Videos can be used for many different things and can be used across many different platforms. They can be used as training, marketing, or just funny videos to post online.  No matter what they’re used for, remember that different platforms have different uses and requirements.Social Media Videos

Making one video can be challenging enough, but making a different video for each individual platform can be extremely tedious and ineffective. What our team at Cinecut Creative has seen is one video that can be shared among all types of different marketing and social media platforms are much more advantageous for Raleigh business owners.

3 guidelines to ensuring a marketing videos are able to be used on any platform are:

  • The length of video: Different platforms may require different lengths, such as Instagram and Twitter, while others may not. Thus, it is important to monitor the length of the video. To do this, keep the length short enough to keep the viewers’ attention and just long enough to get the point across.
  • Initial content: Initial content is very important. Therefore, the first 5-10 seconds of a video can make it or break it. Make the intro very catchy and flashy to grab the viewer’s attention. Some digital marketing platforms, such as Facebook, have auto-play features. Auto-play is where the video starts playing automatically without audio. Thus, if you have a catchy intro, then people are more likely to view the whole video.
  • Content Format: The format can be almost as important as the content itself. Therefore, following the format of the most crucial information first, increases the likelihood of a response.

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Why Video Should Be Used in Marketing

Many Raleigh business owners have put videography on the back burner of their marketing campaigns. They feel as though it is too costly with too low of a response rate.Marketing Videos

There are so many positive impacts of marketing videos in a marketing campaign. And, the entire campaign does not have to be video. Video can be one of the follow-up pieces in a marketing campaign.

9 impacts of marketing videos that Cinecut Creative has seen with our Raleigh businesses who use marketing videos are:

  1. Improved SEO. Adding videos to a website increases chances of appearing on the first page of a Google search result by as much as 53%.
  2. Stronger Consumer Attention. It has been proven that of all types of mediums, videos are able to demand the most consumer attention.
  3. Higher Engagement. Visual content leads to high rates of engagement. People are more likely to share and comment on videos than other posts.
  4. Greater Optimization Opportunities. Measuring how much a video is consumed is easy. Because videos have a feedback loop, the click-through rate, drop-off points, or the number of times watched are noted.
  5. Higher Retention Rates. 65% of audiences are likely to watch more than three-quarters of a video, more so than a text-based post.
  6. Better Email Click-Through. It has been found that if an email includes a video with information, the click-through rates of the email are doubled.
  7. Stronger Emotional Connections. Facial expressions, music, images, and tone of voice are typically used to evoke emotion. These emotions positively impact consumer decision-making.
  8. Increased Consumer Conversions. More customers are converted when the video is used in marketing tactics. Research reveals that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates are higher than other forms of marketing content.

There are so much more ways that videos can impact a marketing campaign! Do you need some ideas on how videos can be implemented into an existing campaign? Then contact Cinecut Creative to start incorporating videos into your company today.