Corporate Companies Who Are Doing Video Marketing Well

Creativity and uniqueness play big roles in a marketing campaign’s success. However, projecting these two things can be difficult in a normal campaign. That’s why many companies are turning to video to promote their products and services. Stories can be told and emotions can be evoked.Great Examples of Marketing Videos

Check out some major companies who have succeeded in the realm of video marketing:

  • Always with #LikeAGirl: Statistics should support claims that are made in a campaign, especially if it is a controversial topic. Always did just that. They tackled the issue of gender bias, specifically in emojis, and reached out to a younger demographic. The video ends with a powerful message, making the audience stop and think about the campaign a bit more.
  • LG with #LowBatteryAnxiety: Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, and for many, their lives are stored on it. When a phone is on the verge of dying, it’s normal for people to get anxious! LG recognized this relatable feeling and poked fun at it – the product was a successful video marketing campaign.
  • Organic Valley with Save A Bro You Know: Not only is this video hilarious, but it is also informative. It identifies the problems with competitor products. The funnier the content is, the more likely users will share the video on social media.
  • Chevrolet with #DayItForward: In this video campaign, empathy is evoked in viewers. The multiple videos released by the company promote goodwill among people, as well as enforce a positive brand image. Also, including celebrities doesn’t hurt either!

Creativity is a great tool to use in order to create great marketing videos! Take an idea and run with it, just like these companies did. At Cinecut Creative, we can help craft the perfect video to fit just what you or your company needs!

4 Unique Ways to Incorporate Videos in Marketing

Many businesses are eager for new and creative ways to establish a connection with their customers. Some are unsure of where to start, as there are many ways to reach a target audience, for example through email or social media engagement. So, what is the best way to engage in a creative way?Videos in Marketing

Videos are a great medium to include in a marketing strategy, and there are unique ways to incorporate them into existing campaigns.

Video gurus at Cinecut Creative recommend utilizing the power of videos in the following four unique ways:

  • QR Codes to Videos. QR codes are those boxy bar codes marked on products and receipts. They are unique codes that can be scanned and direct users to different content. Take a creative step and include a QR code in a mailing or social media campaign. When the user clicks the code, redirect them to watch video content. The video can be a product demonstration or a quick ‘thank you’ to the customer.
  • Include in Emails. It may seem standard to use videos in emails, but put a creative spin on their addition by creating a story that comes in video installments. That way, the viewer’s interest is maintained and their feelings of engagement will increase. This also provides another chance to see an increase in click-throughs.
  • User-Generated Videos. Another unique way to include videos in marketing is to encourage users to record themselves using the products or service. New customers will appreciate the genuine content straight from people with experience.
  • Broadcast Live. Business owners can also host a live-streaming video through an application like Facebook Live. Host a Q&A session and encourage people to add their comments and acknowledge them live. This is sure to boost customer engagement and give them a glimpse into the minds at work behind the business.

There are a handful of other creative ways to incorporate videos in a current marketing strategy. Small businesses looking to grow their online presence and boost visibility will benefit from considering these tactics and implementing them with the help of our experts at Cinecut Creative. Take a look at our website and contact us for more information about creative video marketing ideas!

4 Ways to Include Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

Videos are an excellent addition to any current marketing strategy in place. Small business owners may think that they’re a bit expensive to produce and edit, but good video content doesn’t necessarily require bells or whistles to be impressive.Video Marketing

It’s also not difficult to start making videos that work within current marketing campaigns for a seamless integration. Videographers and editors at Cinecut Creative have worked with business owners to create relevant and entertaining video content for this very purpose.

4 ways to incorporate videos in order to enhance current marketing campaigns are:

  • Explainer Videos. These videos are easy to produce. They can also convey a lot of information to the audience in a short timeframe. These can be sent through emails or embedded on a web page for people to learn more about a specific service or the business overall.
  • Videos on Landing Pages. Including hyperlinks to other pages in emails or from the homepage of a website is a good way to entice people to click and continue their browsing. Including a video on the landing page is even better and can help boost conversion by up to 80%.
  • SEO: Videos are typically preferred content in keyword searches. So, including lots of SEO-rich content in the video’s description and title will help to boost visibility. Business owners have many options here by posting videos to YouTube or having them directly embedded on their websites. Either way, traffic is sure to increase with easy to find videos.
  • Calls to Action. Viewers engage with video content at a higher rate than text-only content. The text is easy to skim over, but videos are usually engrossing. Video call for the viewer to continue their engagement in other ways. A few call to actions is to move to another part of the website or sign up for company updates.

These are only a handful of potential uses for video in current marketing campaigns. Triangle business owners can benefit from implementing videos into their marketing and have fun while producing them. Contact our video experts at Cinecut Creative today to learn more about how to incorporate video content into your business’s marketing strategy!

3 Ways that Branding Influences Video Creation

Branding is an ideal way for business owners to present the face of their company and give it personality. Why is this important? Well, brand personalities tend to resonate with people, and people are integral to a successful business.Branding with Videos

Creating a brand can not only encourage customer loyalty but also demonstrate how a company fits into the lives of people. A great way to convey the brand to an audience is through videos. Video provides a visual experience that people will engage with and, most importantly, remember.

Videographers at Cinecut Creative encourage businesses creating a brand to understand the following ways in which branding can influence video creation:

  • Video Strategy. The brand’s image or message will determine how video should be incorporated. Really think about the role that videos can play in the brand’s story, and then consider the needs related to video production to make it happen. Will an information video work best, a comical introduction video, or a product demonstration? Take the time to plot this out in the beginning to get a vision for the process.
  • Script Writing and Editing. The audience will engage with visual content easily, but they will connect more with relevant scripts that are easy to follow. Some words look great when written down, but they may sound completely different when spoken aloud. The brand’s message will really shine in these moments, so it’s critical to have a script that reaches the audience in a natural way.
  • Distribution: How a brand engages with people is also important to consider when creating videos. Take note of the business’s active social media accounts. Does the business take advantage of a YouTube channel? What about apps like Instagram and Snapchat? Each platform has guidelines for shareable content. A video that performs well on one platform may not always deliver similar results on another. The means of distribution will affect production and script, so keep this in mind when brainstorming.

There are many ways that a business can use videos when creating brand identity and even more benefits to incorporating an interactive personality into that brand. Our video experts at Cinecut Creative have plenty of ideas for branding business videos, so contact us today to learn more about how to get started!