3 Ways to Reach All Target Audiences with a Marketing Video

Every business has a wide target audience they are trying to reach. But, all business owners are taught to narrow their target audience, especially around specific products and services. So, what does that mean for marketing and specific, video marketing? How does a business create an easily usable video around a handful of target audiences?Reach Clients through Videos

This is a common problem we help our clients with at Cinecut Creative. There is a very dynamic way to create a video around all target audiences.

3 ways to make a video work for all target audiences that a Raleigh business is trying to reach are:

  1. Keep it Generically Personal: This sounds like a joke, but it’s not! The best way to reach a target audience is a specific message for them. So, have a team member sit down with a Raleigh video production company and shoot a personalized video for each target audience. But, keep it generic. This allows the marketing team to use the video in a handful of places but it still feels personal to the customer.
  2. Use the Overlap: In most businesses, there is a little bit of an overlap between the target audiences. Create a marketing video that connects to the individuals in the overlapping areas. But, be careful to not mention specific products or services within the video – just the company.
  3. Shoot Numerous Videos: Bring on a video production team to assist the marketing department in creating marketing videos for each specific target audience. Allow the video production team to help with the scripts, video content, and schedule for filming. Then, film all of the videos in one day for the entire year. Throughout the year, this allows the business to release the videos slowly. But, it is really high-quality content planned for the entire year.

Is your business different and need a more specific plan for reaching target audiences through videos? Our team at Cinecut Creative would love to assist with making these decisions. Click here now to contact our team and set up a consultation.

4 Creative Ways to Get Videos Watched More Frequently

Videos are a great tool in marketing! But, all of the statistics are about the impact of a video that has been watched. Thus, it is important to get individuals viewing the videos. A few of the Cinecut Creative customers have come up with really creative ideas on how to get their videos viewed more.Share Marketing Videos

It is important to have the video on the company website and on YouTube. In addition to placing videos online, there are other marketing campaigns that can enhance the videos results.

4 marketing campaigns Cinecut Creative clients have used to help more individuals view their online videos are:

  1. Create a Social Media Campaign: Take the video link, either on the website or on YouTube, and share it on all social media platforms. This is a great place to start! But, creating ads on the individual platforms has helped quite a bit.
  2. Include in Email Campaigns: When sending a monthly email newsletter or a marketing newsletter, include a link to the video. This will allow individuals who don’t naturally spend time on the website or on social media to get access to the video.
  3. Play At An Event: Many Raleigh businesses host or sponsor events. Take advantage of the individuals at those events. Share the video that you have created at that event and then let them know where they can see it again.
  4. Use Your Referral Partners: Everyone has gained business by “Word of Mouth” or individuals who share information about the business. It is important to know your referral partners. Then, you can ask them to share the video with their networks.

Don’t these sound like great ways to get a business video watched? But, maybe the video you want to share isn’t exactly what you want it to be. We would love to help create a video that will help engage all audiences no matter how they find the video. Contact our team at Cinecut Creative to get started today.

How Frequently Should a Business Post New Videos?

A promotional video or marketing video is a great tool in a business. Certain online users, especially on social media platforms, will only watch videos instead of reading the content. Thus, every business needs some type of video marketing.Video frequency

However, the frequency of marketing videos will vary based on the business. Our video expert team at Cinecut Creative has helped numerous businesses implement marketing videos into their marketing campaign. There are a few factors that need to be considered when considering the frequency of marketing videos.

3 things to consider when determining the frequency of marketing videos for a business is:

  1. Use of the Marketing Videos: Will the video be accompanied with a blog post? Will it be used solely in social media? How does it fit into the overall marketing campaign? Depending on all of the above reasons, the highest frequency should be weekly.
  2. Marketing Budget: While videos, especially marketing videos, are great, they must fit into an overall marketing budget. A handful of our clients at Cinecut Creative put together an annual video budget, shoot all of their videos at once, then release them throughout the year.
  3. Subscribers and Followers: If videos are posted too frequently, it can lead to individuals unsubscribing in email lists or unfollowing on social media platforms. Content should never be so overwhelming that people need to get away from it.

There is quite a bit to consider when it comes to video frequency. We would love to be your team of video experts to help make the decisions about video marketing. Contact our team today to set up a time to discuss all video marketing goals today.

How to Guide a Successful Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonials are essential to maintaining a reputable image in the market. More often than not, we take this statement as the sole purpose of customer testimonials.Customer Testimonial Video

Our team at Cinecut Creative understands that designing a brilliant testimonial is no simple task. There is no key ingredient, but rather a collection of techniques that have been tweaked and tested to perfection.

4 techniques that Cinecut Creative uses when creating customer testimonial videos are:

  • Guided Questions: Don’t beat around the bush; ask your interviewee questions that lead them to reveal positive insights. A list of talking points can also alleviate the tension in the room and encourage better responses.
  • Bring Snacks: Let’s face it – food brings everyone together. If a customer feels immediately welcomed upon arrival, he will be more in giving your company strong feedback.
  • Smile: It’s much easier to smile when someone else is leading the charge. Recent studies even show that smiling more can generate a phantom happiness that, in turn, causes us to feel genuinely happy. Keeping your interviewee in a good mood is essential to receiving positive thoughts, so make a decision to smile! Besides, it will be more fun that way too.
  • Be Thankful: Nothing expresses gratitude better than a thank-you note, and a well-written note will strengthen bonds with clients. After all, a happy customer is a returning customer!

The right testimonial can restore customer loyalty, increase repeat business, and set your small business on a path for excellence. To learn more about optimizing customer satisfaction, contact our team at Cinecut Creative.