3 Best Online Tools to Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy

As we approach 2018, there are very few business owners and digital marketers out there who aren’t already convinced by the power of videos in marketing. In fact, some reports project that by 2019 at least 80% of all online traffic will be video-related.YouTube Ads

This is great news for those who are looking to reap the benefits of online video marketing since it means that there are already many tools available to help boost visibility and user engagement. At Cinecut Creative, we often receive questions about which tools are best to use to make marketing videos more effective.

Our favorite online tools to aid marketing videos that are easily accessible and user-friendly: 

  • Facebook Ads. Our newsfeeds are filled with videos, and it’s no surprise since there are more than 1 billion users eager to engage with video content. Facebook video ads are easy to upload and customize so they reach the desired audience.
  • YouTube Ads. Tied with Google AdWords, these ads allow users to upload videos to be run as advertisements before or after other videos. The platform is relatively easy to work with, customizable for reaching a targeted audience and will provide analytical data on the users watching the video.
  • Google SEO. This is a huge platform for videos since millions of people use Google’s search engine for surfing the web. They have specific algorithms that affect rankings of results in keyword searches, so video and keyword optimization are necessary to ensure they’re pulled in searches. Add transcripts, video descriptions, relevant headlines, and compelling thumbnails to increase SEO value and boost visibility among your target audience.

Utilizing these accessible tools is key to boosting your video marketing campaign and taking user engagement to the next level. We’re also sure to see even more great online tools emerge that will be beneficial for creating, editing, and distributing video content. Contact our experts today at Cinecut Creative to optimize your current video marketing strategy! 

3 Ways to Reach a Specific Target Audience with Video Marketing

As businesses expand and their customer base grows, targeted marketing becomes essential to keep the momentum going. When video marketing campaigns are developed, there is a target audience in mind that will benefit from the message. It’s easy to reach a wide group of people, but how does video marketing effectively reach a more specific audience?Video Marketing

No matter how specific the audience may be, businesses will be able to reach them with content that is designed with them in mind. Video producers at Cinecut Creative have valuable insight into how business can effectively accomplish this.

3 ways Raleigh business owners can reach their specified target audience through video marketing are:

  • Identify Who They Are. This goes beyond simply generating a pool of potential people. Businesses should invest in market research that identifies their targeted audiences and highlights their attributes. What social media do they use? Where do they shop? What’s their actual pain point that the marketing will address? Know what these specific details are before creating the campaign, that way it is designed with them in mind.
  • Know the End Goal. So, why is the business interested in reaching this specific audience? It seems like a simple question, but a video marketing campaign without a clear call to action will fall flat. Video content that is the most effective will naturally lead into that actionable moment where viewers will have to take the next step. Make sure to know exactly what the campaign is meant to accomplish so the video content is relevant.
  • Use Proper Channels for Distribution. If the audience your campaign is targeting does not use Instagram, then video content developed for that platform will not be effective. This ties back into identifying the nuanced details of the audience and understanding their methods for connecting digitally.

Following these steps can improve a business’s ability to effectively reach a specific audience through their video marketing efforts. We would love to help your business get started! Contact our video production experts at Cinecut Creative for more ideas!

4 Ways Video Impacts SEO

Video marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand. Many companies use video in their marketing strategies but, they often forget about SEO and its importance.SEO

If used appropriately, video and SEO can be a powerful force to your next campaign. Our team at Cinecut Creative works with our clients to make sure that no powerful aspects of a marketing video are missed. But, we have seen Raleigh businesses come to us who need videos to help impact their SEO more than they are currently.

4 ways that video marketing can be impacted by search engine optimization are:

  1. Quality: Quality content builds a valuable relationship with an audience and boosts the conversion. The content should be relatable to your target audience which will persuade viewers to watch the video.
  2. Engagement: There are many ways to make content more interactive and engaging which will grab the users’ attention. Whether it is the actual video or the caption with the right strategy implemented there can be a successful campaign. Figure out what engages and resonates with the users.
  3. Shareability: Sharing promotes content on a wider scale to all the relevant social media channels. Also, this is the best way to spread the and reach the right audience. This can lead to more views and more traffic.
  4. Keyword Optimization: Keyword research can help find the most relevant content for audiences. Try out different keywords and create detailed content. Not only will this help build an audience but it will help rankings search engines.

Do you need someone who understands video production, video marketing, and how video marketing impacts search engine optimization to assist your company? Let Cinecut Creative help with your next video marketing campaign and click here now to contact our team and set up a consultation.