3 Best Online Tools to Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy

As we approach 2018, there are very few business owners and digital marketers out there who aren’t already convinced by the power of videos in marketing. In fact, some reports project that by 2019 at least 80% of all online traffic will be video-related.YouTube Ads

This is great news for those who are looking to reap the benefits of online video marketing since it means that there are already many tools available to help boost visibility and user engagement. At Cinecut Creative, we often receive questions about which tools are best to use to make marketing videos more effective.

Our favorite online tools to aid marketing videos that are easily accessible and user-friendly: 

  • Facebook Ads. Our newsfeeds are filled with videos, and it’s no surprise since there are more than 1 billion users eager to engage with video content. Facebook video ads are easy to upload and customize so they reach the desired audience.
  • YouTube Ads. Tied with Google AdWords, these ads allow users to upload videos to be run as advertisements before or after other videos. The platform is relatively easy to work with, customizable for reaching a targeted audience and will provide analytical data on the users watching the video.
  • Google SEO. This is a huge platform for videos since millions of people use Google’s search engine for surfing the web. They have specific algorithms that affect rankings of results in keyword searches, so video and keyword optimization are necessary to ensure they’re pulled in searches. Add transcripts, video descriptions, relevant headlines, and compelling thumbnails to increase SEO value and boost visibility among your target audience.

Utilizing these accessible tools is key to boosting your video marketing campaign and taking user engagement to the next level. We’re also sure to see even more great online tools emerge that will be beneficial for creating, editing, and distributing video content. Contact our experts today at Cinecut Creative to optimize your current video marketing strategy!