3 Ways to Reach All Target Audiences with a Marketing Video

Every business has a wide target audience they are trying to reach. But, all business owners are taught to narrow their target audience, especially around specific products and services. So, what does that mean for marketing and specific, video marketing? How does a business create an easily usable video around a handful of target audiences?Reach Clients through Videos

This is a common problem we help our clients with at Cinecut Creative. There is a very dynamic way to create a video around all target audiences.

3 ways to make a video work for all target audiences that a Raleigh business is trying to reach are:

  1. Keep it Generically Personal: This sounds like a joke, but it’s not! The best way to reach a target audience is a specific message for them. So, have a team member sit down with a Raleigh video production company and shoot a personalized video for each target audience. But, keep it generic. This allows the marketing team to use the video in a handful of places but it still feels personal to the customer.
  2. Use the Overlap: In most businesses, there is a little bit of an overlap between the target audiences. Create a marketing video that connects to the individuals in the overlapping areas. But, be careful to not mention specific products or services within the video – just the company.
  3. Shoot Numerous Videos: Bring on a video production team to assist the marketing department in creating marketing videos for each specific target audience. Allow the video production team to help with the scripts, video content, and schedule for filming. Then, film all of the videos in one day for the entire year. Throughout the year, this allows the business to release the videos slowly. But, it is really high-quality content planned for the entire year.

Is your business different and need a more specific plan for reaching target audiences through videos? Our team at Cinecut Creative would love to assist with making these decisions. Click here now to contact our team and set up a consultation.