4 Benefits of Using Videos in Your Advertising Strategy

The rise of video marketing is indisputable. But why exactly are businesses eager to grow their online presence by incorporating videos? The answer is simple: there are so many benefits!Video Production in Raleigh NC

Most businesses have already rolled out video marketing campaigns and are seeing success, so those that haven’t need to seriously consider it. This is the perfect time to get started since the industry has had time to collect data and find obvious trends in favor of utilizing the power of video.

Still a bit uncertain if it’s the right move?

4 advantages to video advertising that experts at Cinecut Creative have seen other local businesses benefit from:

  • People Actually Watch. The first point against video advertisement production usually involves the fear of getting zero views and having the effort go to waste. On the contrary, people are consuming videos at such a high rate that businesses are sure to see results if they’re distributed effectively. YouTube alone gets over 4 billion views per day!
  • Marketing Gone Mobile. Many people experience the world through their mobile phones, and industry experts suggest that online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. This means that if a business creates a video marketing campaign and distributes it through social media and other mobile app platforms, they are likely to be seen!
  • They’re Engaging for Viewers. Use the human senses to your advantage here! There are emotional benefits to using sights and sounds to tell a story. These emotional benefits lead to a greater connection between the brand and the customer, which is ideal for businesses looking to make lasting connections.
  • It Works. Including videos in emails will first increase open-rates by about 5.6%, and then click-throughs following the video increase by 96%! The numbers don’t lie, and the experts tracking the trends agree that video marketing is a worthwhile investment.

There are more good things to brag about when it comes to video advertising. For those interested in hearing more, give us a call at Cinecut Creative today!