4 Unique Ways to Incorporate Videos in Marketing

Many businesses are eager for new and creative ways to establish a connection with their customers. Some are unsure of where to start, as there are many ways to reach a target audience, for example through email or social media engagement. So, what is the best way to engage in a creative way?Videos in Marketing

Videos are a great medium to include in a marketing strategy, and there are unique ways to incorporate them into existing campaigns.

Video gurus at Cinecut Creative recommend utilizing the power of videos in the following four unique ways:

  • QR Codes to Videos. QR codes are those boxy bar codes marked on products and receipts. They are unique codes that can be scanned and direct users to different content. Take a creative step and include a QR code in a mailing or social media campaign. When the user clicks the code, redirect them to watch video content. The video can be a product demonstration or a quick ‘thank you’ to the customer.
  • Include in Emails. It may seem standard to use videos in emails, but put a creative spin on their addition by creating a story that comes in video installments. That way, the viewer’s interest is maintained and their feelings of engagement will increase. This also provides another chance to see an increase in click-throughs.
  • User-Generated Videos. Another unique way to include videos in marketing is to encourage users to record themselves using the products or service. New customers will appreciate the genuine content straight from people with experience.
  • Broadcast Live. Business owners can also host a live-streaming video through an application like Facebook Live. Host a Q&A session and encourage people to add their comments and acknowledge them live. This is sure to boost customer engagement and give them a glimpse into the minds at work behind the business.

There are a handful of other creative ways to incorporate videos in a current marketing strategy. Small businesses looking to grow their online presence and boost visibility will benefit from considering these tactics and implementing them with the help of our experts at Cinecut Creative. Take a look at our website and contact us for more information about creative video marketing ideas!