5 Things Your Video Team Needs Before Filming

Now that a Raleigh business has seen the power of video and has decided to start filming, the question is…. what’s needed for a successful shoot. This is a great video production question, since production has many moving parts and requires specific planning and materials in order to go smoothly.Video Filming

Our video experts at Cinecut Creative share five items that are necessary for production crews to have before and during filming.

  • Specified Roles for Team Members. Since there are many people involved with shooting a video, from technical crews to creative directors, it’s important to make sure everyone involved has a clearly defined role. This will ensure that nobody feels overwhelmed, or as if someone else is encroaching on their responsibilities within the project.
  • Completed Scripts. These will share the overall content and direction of the video, so having them finalized prior to the shoot will benefit the whole team. This includes both speech and A/V scripts. The A/V script outlines individual sections of the video, detailing the content and timing of what should appear. Having both of these items finished and distributed among the team before shooting will guarantee that everyone is on the same page.
  • Images Music, and Animations. Graphics, animations, music, or clips from other videos are great additions to keep a business video dynamic. To help the editing team (and ultimately to keep from slowing that process down) try and compile desired stock photos/videos or other content and make it easily accessible, like uploading them all together into the cloud or onto a USB drive.
  • Another way to help the editing team is by providing video timecodes to identify specific spots within the video footage that should be edited in some way. Whether it’s removing some shots or inserting a graphic, these codes will eliminate wasted time.
  • An Established Due Date. Give the entire production crew a master deadline for a finalized product, as well as specific deadlines for milestones along the way. Again, this will keep everyone on the same page and eliminate any confusion or disagreements that could potentially arise.

The video filming process does not have to be a headache-inducing fiasco. Stepping into the filming period with these ideas in mind can allow for a great experience among the crew during the project. Contact us at Cinecut Creative for expert advice in video production!