How to Create a Successful Explainer Video

Videos have taken the digital marketing world by storm and there’s no wonder why. Businesses have seen a substantial increase in conversion rates from utilizing well-planned video marketing campaigns.Explainer Videos Made in Raleigh, NC

Most campaigns will start with a quick explainer video that details the important points viewers need to know about a business’s services, products, and goals. These videos are great for business owners looking to expand their outreach and create more connections with potential customers.

Our video production experts at Cinecut Creative share four tips for businesses to remember when creating a great explainer video: 

  • Keep it Short. Social media and internet users are constantly bombarded with text and video content. The average viewer has an attention span of about 8 seconds, which ultimately means they’re not interested in lengthy content that doesn’t address them immediately. Most explainer videos are between 60-120 seconds, providing a hook to keep viewers interested enough to keep exploring. Also, the less information they hear, the more they’ll remember.
  • Write a Good Script. Since there’s not a lot of time to get into copious details, a good script will include essential information. Address the target audience, acknowledge their pain point, show how the business can step in for their benefit, and what they should do next. This will leave the viewer with a basic understanding while keeping them interested in moving forward.
  • Be Entertaining. Dry videos are probably as much fun as a dry lecture, right? Try incorporating some humor, animations, sound effects, or other special additions to keep the video appealing to the viewer.
  • Choose Appropriate Visuals. There’s a distinction between entertaining and distracting. Many successful explainer videos incorporate visual information that either aligns with the message directly or upholds it subtly. This means there’s not too much going on that is distracting or simply irrelevant.

Explainer videos are a great place for businesses to start when launching a video marketing campaign. They can help to spread a message clearly and easily! Interested in producing an awesome explainer video? Then Contact our videography experts at Cinecut Creative in Raleigh!