How to Create Video Content to Be Usable on All Content Platforms

Putting the final touches on a marketing video and preparing for distribution is a rewarding time. Now that the filming and editing stages are done there is great content to be shared with the world! It can be tempting to simply embed the video onto the company website and let it share itself, but there is a better way.Create Videos

Social media platforms come in many forms and each one has a unique design to enhance the user experience. This means that the same video that is successful on YouTube won’t see the same success on Instagram. Luckily, there are ways to navigate each platform and post effective content.

Our experts at Cinecut Creative recommend learning the following information about various platforms to use video content effectively.

  • Millions of people scroll through Facebook Newsfeeds every day. So with such a large audience and Facebook algorithmically prioritizing video content, it’s a perfect platform for sharing. It’s best for short videos around 1-2 minutes that are fun or informative since users are browsing quickly. In addition, Facebook autoplays videos without sound, so videos that make sense without sound are ideal.
  • When visiting YouTube, users are specifically browsing for videos and will likely be more open to longer, more complex content. For this reason, there is no video length limit and content choice could include anything from product demos to educational videos.
  • Like Facebook, Instagram videos autoplay on silent and are limited to 15 seconds. This makes it ideal for visually stunning videos like teasers, brief trailers, direct messages from the company, etc. Incorporating relevant hashtags will ensure that video content
  • Although not a huge platform for video, Twitter can be a quick springboard for content that drives users elsewhere based on calls to action. With a length limit of 30 seconds, teasers are best in order to get users to link to website content with full-length versions.

Videos aren’t necessarily a “one size fits all” for each platform, but using them respectively will benefit users in the end since they get the ultimate experience. Contact us at Cinecut Creative today for more information on how to effectively distribute your video content!