How Frequently Should a Business Post New Videos?

A promotional video or marketing video is a great tool in a business. Certain online users, especially on social media platforms, will only watch videos instead of reading the content. Thus, every business needs some type of video marketing.Video frequency

However, the frequency of marketing videos will vary based on the business. Our video expert team at Cinecut Creative has helped numerous businesses implement marketing videos into their marketing campaign. There are a few factors that need to be considered when considering the frequency of marketing videos.

3 things to consider when determining the frequency of marketing videos for a business is:

  1. Use of the Marketing Videos: Will the video be accompanied with a blog post? Will it be used solely in social media? How does it fit into the overall marketing campaign? Depending on all of the above reasons, the highest frequency should be weekly.
  2. Marketing Budget: While videos, especially marketing videos, are great, they must fit into an overall marketing budget. A handful of our clients at Cinecut Creative put together an annual video budget, shoot all of their videos at once, then release them throughout the year.
  3. Subscribers and Followers: If videos are posted too frequently, it can lead to individuals unsubscribing in email lists or unfollowing on social media platforms. Content should never be so overwhelming that people need to get away from it.

There is quite a bit to consider when it comes to video frequency. We would love to be your team of video experts to help make the decisions about video marketing. Contact our team today to set up a time to discuss all video marketing goals today.