How to Guide a Successful Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonials are essential to maintaining a reputable image in the market. More often than not, we take this statement as the sole purpose of customer testimonials.Customer Testimonial Video

Our team at Cinecut Creative understands that designing a brilliant testimonial is no simple task. There is no key ingredient, but rather a collection of techniques that have been tweaked and tested to perfection.

4 techniques that Cinecut Creative uses when creating customer testimonial videos are:

  • Guided Questions: Don’t beat around the bush; ask your interviewee questions that lead them to reveal positive insights. A list of talking points can also alleviate the tension in the room and encourage better responses.
  • Bring Snacks: Let’s face it – food brings everyone together. If a customer feels immediately welcomed upon arrival, he will be more in giving your company strong feedback.
  • Smile: It’s much easier to smile when someone else is leading the charge. Recent studies even show that smiling more can generate a phantom happiness that, in turn, causes us to feel genuinely happy. Keeping your interviewee in a good mood is essential to receiving positive thoughts, so make a decision to smile! Besides, it will be more fun that way too.
  • Be Thankful: Nothing expresses gratitude better than a thank-you note, and a well-written note will strengthen bonds with clients. After all, a happy customer is a returning customer!

The right testimonial can restore customer loyalty, increase repeat business, and set your small business on a path for excellence. To learn more about optimizing customer satisfaction, contact our team at Cinecut Creative.