3 Interesting Benefits of Adding a Video to a Business Website

Videos are a great addition to any business website. They give information about the business and give a short summary of the page. Videos should always have a call to action at the end of the video to keep viewers engaged with the rest of the website. Creating more web traffic to other parts of the business website is encouraged through adding videos as well as adding hyperlinks within the page’s text. Cinecut Creative creates videos for businesses that can help increase web traffic to various parts of the business website in order for the user to gain more information about the company.Business videos

3 benefits of adding a video to a business website are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Videos are a visual aid to help the audience stay engaged on the site. When a video is inputted into the page, there are hidden keywords that boost the SEO of the web page by adding to the various ways a company can be searched online. Whether it is through location, industry, or specific question, a website will rank higher with a video with hidden keywords.
  • Clicks to business website: A video is a visual aid. This visual aid should boost engagement through sharing on social media platforms. It also creates a link to the company’s website. When a viewer wants more information, the video creates a link to the business’s information. Videos with a high viewer count transfer into more business website clicks for the company. The longer a user stays on the website, the more money they will spend on the products and services.
  • Short summary packed with information: Videos are a way to keep the user engaged. Videos should give users a short summary packed with important information. A bad video lacks a storyline and call to action. Making a short video with the important facts included as well as a call to engage with other parts of the website is how a video should serve the web page.

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How to Distinguish a Company from Competitors with Videos

Companies can find themselves evenly matched with their competitors in terms of trying out the same marketing strategies. Make the extra effort by inputting videos into business websites and social media platforms that are formulated to distinguish a company from their competitors. Videos are a popular medium for companies to make their values and products/services known to consumers. Cinecut Creative has compiled a list of video tips to help companies, who want to distinguish themselves from their competitors.Raleigh video production

5 video production tips to help companies differentiate themselves from competitors are:

  1. Make the company have a “face”: This means that a company should have a spokesperson/ representative that is at the forefront of the videos. Usually, the “face” is a way for consumers to recognize the company.
  2. Solidify company values: Make sure that the video is exhibiting the company’s values and conduct. Some companies can find themselves caught up in trying too much, which makes the overall message of the company lost. Each business video should have a purpose, but also an underlying tone of the company.
  3. Succinct product/service explanation: Keep the demonstration/ explanation short and to the point. This helps to keep the viewer engaged and also makes the company look like they nailed down a sales pitch. Also, creating a storyline for these videos helps to ensure brevity and consumer wide understanding.
  4. Visually appealing videos: Make sure to pick a professional video production company that has a great understanding of the industries in the area. The video production company should communicate with the business to see what would be best visually for the video’s purpose. Also, the video should be innovative and engaging to the viewer.
  5. Call-to-action closing: Master a closing that keeps the viewers interested in the website, social media platforms, and more. The longer the computer user is engaged, the better the chance the computer user will turn into a loyal customer.

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How a Video Improves a Website for a Business

Videos help businesses to not only talk about their services, but also give more insight into who is interacting with the website. Having this insight is crucial to knowing the audience of the business. Videos are a way to widen the business’s viewership. Also, they direct web traffic to the existing audience. Cinecut Creative creates videos that can build upon previously established website interaction in hopes to connect with the next client that interacts with the website.

3 ways a video improves a website for a business are:

How a Video Improves a Website for a Business

  • Boosting engagement: In terms of engagement, a video should bring about a call to action by the viewer. They should feel engaged to want to know more and click through more pages to gather more information. When embedding a video into a web page, the video can also have keywords in its sub text that will make the web page rank higher when searched by a user. Make the video have a searchable title and description filled with keywords.
  • Analyzing viewership: A business should know who is interacting with the website and how they can capitalize off that interaction. Widening the viewership helps to widen the awareness of the business’s presence while also finding ways to keep the viewers on the site longer. If the website is focusing on a super specific audience, a video may broaden the reach of the business.
  • Sharing through social media: Make sure that the video and webpage are equipped with social media plugins for viewers and users to share the content. Social media sharing is the easiest way for a business to gain more interaction. People from different networks that act as influencers will let others know of the business and its services.

With a professional video production company, making videos for a business’s website is an easy process. For all video production and video marketing questions, contact Cinecut Creative, a local video production company in Raleigh, NC.

How Video Marketing Influences Advertising

Video has surged as a marketing method front-runner for businesses to build brands that advertise products and services. The audience has the chance to interact with the video by connecting with the video’s content. That connection is essential to businesses’ brands because it helps bridge the viewer’s action of watching to the viewer’s action of buying.

3 ways video marketing influences the advertising industry are:

  • Video influencers: They are people that have built their personal brand through video platforms. They make deals with businesses feature their products. Their subscribed audience already has made a connection with the person and then they start making connections with wanting their lifestyle. The brand utilizes this advertising because the creator to viewer connection is already established.
  • Live video: It will be the next marketing platform for brands to utilize to their advantage. Showing the product launches in real time will build anticipation and may result in a higher demand for the product. People can access and follow their interests in real time right in their hands. Businesses utilizing live video hold the power to keep their target audience notified of every step in the process in building a brand’s product.
  • Video sharing: The ability to share information with each other creates a web of interconnected audiences. By building a network of video sharing, a business can reach audiences of varying demographics. Awareness is what results of sharing. These shared connections will consider buying the product based off of their connection to the person who shared it.

Advertising through video brings more information to a product. Video marketing enacts different ways to build a connection with the targeted audience. For more information on how to build a video marketing plan, contact Cinecut Creative.

How to Spruce Up Web Page Design with Video Marketing

Businesses that lack videos on their website may be losing web traffic. Users want to gather information about the business and its products and services. An introductory video works as a short sales pitch to garner the users’ attention and call-to-action. Videos can also serve other purposes when placed on other web page tabs.

3 ways to utilize video advertising when designing a web page:

  • Home Page Video: After inserting the major information at the top of the web page such as business name, logo, social media plugins, and tabs, make sure to put in the business purpose question followed by the business introductory video. The home page should be easy on the eyes, but still informative. Also, put contact information on the home page because it is the most searchable page for the business.
  • Services/Products Tabs Videos: Defining the services/products offered is vital to the user’s understanding of the business. Each tab acts as a general point for the video to market and define the service. These videos tend to be shorter than the introductory video, but give more specific information. Instead of a lengthy, long-winded paragraph detailing services, create the personal approach by inserting a video that engages the users’ attention to certain aspects of a service/product.
  • About Us Page Video: This video answers two questions: “How did this business grow over the years” and “How did the idea for the business come about?” This video is personal to every business and also helps the users personally engage with the business in order for them to see how the business has achieved its goals. Creating user loyalty is key to the sustainability of the business and it is key to the referral process.

Videos engage the web page user and encourage them to click through multiple tabs to learn more about the business. Cinecut Creative builds videos for businesses that help fill the gaps in the web page design that were previously filled with lengthy, vague, or unexplained text/content. For more information on how to add videos to a business page, contact Cinecut Creative.

How to Introduce Your Business Through Video

For small businesses looking to extend their reach and grow their online presence, video marketing is a perfect solution. The video medium is taking businesses to the next level, providing them with long-lasting marketing tools and opening the door for communication between customers.

The best way to get started is to produce a video that introduces the business. Our creative team at Cinecut Creative has a few tips to help video newcomers make a proper introduction!

5 tips to aid businesses looking to produce stellar introduction videos are:

  • Keep it Simple. No need for flashy bells and whistles just yet since you don’t want to risk
    overwhelming the viewer with too much going on. State the company name, explain the mission statement, address the target audience’s pain point and how the business can alleviate that pain. Talk about the owner, the staff, and other insightful talking points that will get the viewer engaged.
  • Write a Script. Introduction videos should be conversational, so you don’t necessarily want to read straight from a cue card. However, it’s also good practice to be prepared. Very rarely do the right words fall out of thin air on command, so take the time to write out what is important to say, and then play around with the delivery to create a dynamic dialogue that will appeal to viewers.
  • Have Fun. If the goal is to get people onboard with the company, a great way to foster that sense of loyalty is by simply being human! Whether it’s the company’s culture or products that make it unique, a positive attitude will do wonders for how viewers receive the information.
  • Encourage Feedback. The only way to know if the video is successful or comprehensive enough is to get feedback on viewer reception. If the video is uploaded to a channel where comments can be enabled, then encourage the viewers to leave their impressions!
  • Call to Action. Along with encouraging feedback, you don’t want to leave the audience hanging when the video is over. What should they do next? Tell them!

Ultimately, there’s no wrong way to introduce your business to the world through video. Remember to have fun, be informative, and attempt to engage with the viewers! For more information on how to get started, contact our experts at Cinecut Creative!

How to Define Your Target Audience for Video Marketing

A good video marketing campaign is like a recipe -it takes several key ingredients to get the desired outcome. Many business owners believe the most important ingredients to be the aspects of the video itself. After all, what is a great video without cutting-edge editing, animations, and other effects?

However, it should be noted that even the most stunning video will be ineffective if it reaches the wrong people. This is why targeting an audience and learning everything about them is a crucial step in the video marketing process. So, how exactly do businesses get an insight into who their videos should reach?

Our experts at Cinecut Creative suggest that businesses use the following strategies to define a target audience and how to reach them.

  • Determine Demographical Information. Take a step back and determine who would benefit most from the company’s products or services. How old are they? Are they predominantly male, female, or both? Where do they live? What do they watch? What’s their income? Answering these questions will provide a solid foundation to appeal to them.
  • Analyze their Search Techniques. What platforms are they using? What keywords are they searching for? How long are they watching the videos they choose? These pieces of information will help to tailor the video during the production and distribution stages so as to reach the targeted audience successfully.
  • Check Out the Competition. No harm in seeing what your competitors are doing, if it’s working for them at least (definitely don’t want to mimic poor techniques). Take a look at the type of content that is appealing to their audience, how they distribute it, and other factors that influence a video’s reach.

Defining and reaching your target audience is important for seeing success when implementing a video marketing campaign. For more information on how to target them, or tools that are useful for doing so, contact us at Cinecut Creative today!

5 Iconic Examples of Effective Humor in Video Advertising

Utilizing humor in video advertising can have great benefits for businesses looking to establish a connection with their audience. Some may say that it’s too bold a move -who knows who will be offended? But there are several companies who have employed humor as an advertising technique and it worked out quite well for them. It’s all about knowing your audience and giving them content they’ll appreciate!

Here are Cinecut Creative’s favorite iconic examples of companies that totally nailed using humor in their video advertisements:

  • Old Spice. We all know that perfect guy that can make diamonds fall out of his hands. These ads work because they appeal to both men and women, and they do so without putting either group down. In addition to giving their audience hilarious videos, they constantly deliver wit via their social media accounts.
  • State Farm. Admit it, when you meet someone named ‘Jake’, you think of Jake from State Farm. Insurance is a highly-saturated market, and State Farm’s use of quick, memorable content is a big reason why they’ve risen to the top.
  • Dollar Shave Club. This company debuted their product with enthusiasm and without hesitation. The premier advertisement is a bit absurd, but it’s a great way for a new company to introduce themselves in a competitive market.
  • Another ferocious contender in the insurance industry is GEICO. They have multiple recurring campaigns including the Gecko, the Cavemen, and the ever-hilarious Hump Day Camel. They’re a massive brand with humorous qualities that secures their presence in the market.
  • Clean. Super Bowl LI was one for the record books itself, but another great souvenir we get to take away is the hilarious Mr. Clean commercial sporting the animated mascot cleaning enticingly. It resonates with many people, making its presence known by relating to the audience in a personal way.

Incorporating humor in video advertising enables businesses to bond with their audience and gain their trust. Have a vision? Reach out to our production experts at Cinecut Creative to see it come to life!

How to Use Videos to Boost Your SEO Ranking

Online video consumption has increased dramatically over the past few years, and if your company isn’t using it by this point you’re simply missing out on numerous benefits. It should be noted that posting any old video on a website won’t automatically generate more traffic. There are specific formulas that search engines and browsers utilize to generate relevant content from a keyword search.Video Production in Raleigh, NC

So, what does this mean for those posting video content? Simply put, it means there are tips and tricks to help boost SEO rankings that will result in more clicks, views, and conversions for your company overall. A video doesn’t need to go viral to spread a message, but it does need to be seen!

3 tips recommended by experts at Cinecut Creative for generating and posting online video content to see a boost in SEO performance: 

  • Use Relevant Keywords. Analysis of the target audience should give insight into what they’re searching for and how they’re searching for it. What words and phrases are they using that can be repeated in the video’s title or description? Another note: keep the title concise and beef up the video’s description with more keywords. Search engines will analyze both when delivering content from a keyword search.
  • Don’t Forget the Thumbnail. It may seem like a trivial little picture, perhaps even random. But consider this: it’s the first visual glimpse into your video that a viewer sees. If it is in any way misleading or seemingly unengaging, the viewer won’t click. It’s possible to choose a frame from your video to promote as the thumbnail. Try and make it a relevant still with compelling information that would convince a viewer to click to see more.
  • Include the Video’s Transcript. This ties into using relevant keywords. A transcript allows the opportunity for search engines to decide if it’s relevant enough to include in search results. If the title and video descriptions don’t provide enough keyword optimization, the transcript can help to deliver.

There are numerous other ways to better optimize SEO performance and rankings for your video content. Give is a call at Cinecut Creative to learn more!

4 Scientific Reasons Why Video Marketing is Successful

We’ve heard numerous statistics about how videos are better than text for successful marketing campaigns, but why exactly are they more effective?

Understandably, there are scientific reasons as to why businesses will see conversion rates increase after utilizing videos. After all, the human experience is perceived with the five senses, and our visual perception accounts for 83% of how we experience the world around us.

Our staff at Cinecut Creative share four scientific reasons that emphasize why our brains are more responsive to video marketing campaigns:Video Production in Raleigh, NC

  • Videos Are Stimulating. Visuals, especially containing motion, will grab our attention much quicker than text. 90% of the information processed by our brains is visual, so we are highly adapted to noticing visual stimuli and even process it 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Videos Relay the Message Quicker. Since our brains process visuals faster than text, time is saved for the viewer when learning about a product or service. Sometimes text is ambiguous, interpreted incorrectly, or takes longer to absorb. Since one minute of video equals 1.8 million words of text, the amount of accurate information processed by viewers will increase and in less time.
  • Videos Are Memorable. If you sit through a lecture and are asked a week later to recall it, you’re more likely to remember visual-spatial information as opposed to verbatim speech. This is because visual information is stored in long-term memory centers of the brain, making it accessible for future reference. And, 80% of viewers remember a video ad they’ve watched in the last 30 days, making video a powerful tool for marketers desiring longevity.
  • Videos Trigger Emotion. Reading a sad story may spark temporary feelings of sadness, but seeing someone cry will provoke a greater emotional response in those who witness it. Again, this testifies to the power of visual stimuli. Images that incite emotional responses will cause our brains to release oxytocin (the hug hormone) and further provokes feelings of empathy, which is beneficial for establishing feelings of brand connection and trust.

As we can see, the science behind video marketing success is compelling and rather undeniable. Videos are optimal for information processing and establishing emotional connections, making them a perfect medium for businesses to utilize. Contact us at Cinecut Creative and start planning your business’s next video marketing campaign!