How to Guide a Successful Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonials are essential to maintaining a reputable image in the market. More often than not, we take this statement as the sole purpose of customer testimonials.Customer Testimonial Video

Our team at Cinecut Creative understands that designing a brilliant testimonial is no simple task. There is no key ingredient, but rather a collection of techniques that have been tweaked and tested to perfection.

4 techniques that Cinecut Creative uses when creating customer testimonial videos are:

  • Guided Questions: Don’t beat around the bush; ask your interviewee questions that lead them to reveal positive insights. A list of talking points can also alleviate the tension in the room and encourage better responses.
  • Bring Snacks: Let’s face it – food brings everyone together. If a customer feels immediately welcomed upon arrival, he will be more in giving your company strong feedback.
  • Smile: It’s much easier to smile when someone else is leading the charge. Recent studies even show that smiling more can generate a phantom happiness that, in turn, causes us to feel genuinely happy. Keeping your interviewee in a good mood is essential to receiving positive thoughts, so make a decision to smile! Besides, it will be more fun that way too.
  • Be Thankful: Nothing expresses gratitude better than a thank-you note, and a well-written note will strengthen bonds with clients. After all, a happy customer is a returning customer!

The right testimonial can restore customer loyalty, increase repeat business, and set your small business on a path for excellence. To learn more about optimizing customer satisfaction, contact our team at Cinecut Creative.

Corporate Companies Who Are Doing Video Marketing Well

Creativity and uniqueness play big roles in a marketing campaign’s success. However, projecting these two things can be difficult in a normal campaign. That’s why many companies are turning to video to promote their products and services. Stories can be told and emotions can be evoked.Great Examples of Marketing Videos

Check out some major companies who have succeeded in the realm of video marketing:

  • Always with #LikeAGirl: Statistics should support claims that are made in a campaign, especially if it is a controversial topic. Always did just that. They tackled the issue of gender bias, specifically in emojis, and reached out to a younger demographic. The video ends with a powerful message, making the audience stop and think about the campaign a bit more.
  • LG with #LowBatteryAnxiety: Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, and for many, their lives are stored on it. When a phone is on the verge of dying, it’s normal for people to get anxious! LG recognized this relatable feeling and poked fun at it – the product was a successful video marketing campaign.
  • Organic Valley with Save A Bro You Know: Not only is this video hilarious, but it is also informative. It identifies the problems with competitor products. The funnier the content is, the more likely users will share the video on social media.
  • Chevrolet with #DayItForward: In this video campaign, empathy is evoked in viewers. The multiple videos released by the company promote goodwill among people, as well as enforce a positive brand image. Also, including celebrities doesn’t hurt either!

Creativity is a great tool to use in order to create great marketing videos! Take an idea and run with it, just like these companies did. At Cinecut Creative, we can help craft the perfect video to fit just what you or your company needs!

4 Ways to Include Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

Videos are an excellent addition to any current marketing strategy in place. Small business owners may think that they’re a bit expensive to produce and edit, but good video content doesn’t necessarily require bells or whistles to be impressive.Video Marketing

It’s also not difficult to start making videos that work within current marketing campaigns for a seamless integration. Videographers and editors at Cinecut Creative have worked with business owners to create relevant and entertaining video content for this very purpose.

4 ways to incorporate videos in order to enhance current marketing campaigns are:

  • Explainer Videos. These videos are easy to produce. They can also convey a lot of information to the audience in a short timeframe. These can be sent through emails or embedded on a web page for people to learn more about a specific service or the business overall.
  • Videos on Landing Pages. Including hyperlinks to other pages in emails or from the homepage of a website is a good way to entice people to click and continue their browsing. Including a video on the landing page is even better and can help boost conversion by up to 80%.
  • SEO: Videos are typically preferred content in keyword searches. So, including lots of SEO-rich content in the video’s description and title will help to boost visibility. Business owners have many options here by posting videos to YouTube or having them directly embedded on their websites. Either way, traffic is sure to increase with easy to find videos.
  • Calls to Action. Viewers engage with video content at a higher rate than text-only content. The text is easy to skim over, but videos are usually engrossing. Video call for the viewer to continue their engagement in other ways. A few call to actions is to move to another part of the website or sign up for company updates.

These are only a handful of potential uses for video in current marketing campaigns. Triangle business owners can benefit from implementing videos into their marketing and have fun while producing them. Contact our video experts at Cinecut Creative today to learn more about how to incorporate video content into your business’s marketing strategy!

3 Common Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail

For small business owners, it is crucial to have a solid marketing campaign to drive business and boost visibility. There are numerous resources to utilize including social media, videos, and other online strategies. However, marketing campaigns are not foolproof, and sometimes they miss the mark.Marketing Fail

Luckily, identifying the root of a failed campaign is rather easy after evaluating the data. After finding these stumbling blocks, the strategy can be reworked to achieve different results.

3 of the most common reasons marketing campaigns fail are:  

  • Didn’t Reach the Target Audience: It’s a plain fact that a marketing campaign will fall flat immediately if the message goes to the wrong audience. Businesses should evaluate the demographics of the people they’re attempting to connect with and then appeal to them directly. Learn what they read or what their main pain-point is and use that information to reach them more effectively.
  • Sent the Wrong Message: Conversely, the strategy may reach the right audience, but the message wasn’t relevant. This ties into knowing the target audience thoroughly, so understanding what they need and when they need it. Keep their persona in mind as the content is developed so it meets their needs.
  • The Timing Was Off: Sometimes all aspects of the strategy are executed flawlessly but the end goals are still not met. This could be due to timing, overall. The audience may benefit from a service or product, but if it doesn’t meet their current needs they’re won’t buy. When a marketing campaign is strategically timed, business owners will see more success from their efforts overall.

With so many resources available for video marketing services, it can be overwhelming for a business owner who is just getting started. The video experts at Cinecut Creative specialize in producing high-quality videos to aid in the marketing process. From testimonials to introduction videos, your business will be off to a great start. Contact us today to learn more about video marketing today!

4 Ways Video Marketing Impacts SEO Value

Small businesses throughout the Triangle are quickly learning that SEO isn’t just another buzzword. Search engine optimization can make the difference between a business’s web page being viewed or not.SEO

One of the best tools to ensure click-throughs is video marketing. Videos help to improve a business’s SEO drastically, resulting in more pulls from keyword searches, and longer stretches of viewer engagement.

The experts at Cinecut Creative have broken down the top four ways that video marketing can positively impact a business’s SEO: 

  • Increase Rank in Google SERP. The first page of a Google search is a coveted place for a business’s web page. 62% of Google searches result in a video. And, many of those results will be displayed on the first page of the search. Videos will rank a web page higher in search results than plain text, so small businesses will benefit from including videos in their marketing plan.
  • Higher Click-Through Rates. Search results with videos are favorable to plain text results since they have a 41% higher rate of click-throughs. This is awesome because more people will be drawn to a page containing a video, and they’ll be more likely to linger and explore further once they’ve reached the landing page.
  • Longer Viewer Engagement. Once people click on the video link, they’re likely to stay about 2 minutes longer than if the page. The longer a user is on a website, the more value that is communicated to Google about that page. In turn, this will help to increase its rank in search results.
  • Videos are Shareable. People love to share content that they find either helpful or meaningful. They will be more likely to share links to pages that contain videos. This is a great free promotion for small businesses looking to get their name out to the public. However, this can also increase the SEO value of their pages.

Videos are changing the marketing game in a major way. Both small and big businesses are benefiting from incorporating videos into their current marketing campaigns. Interested in utilizing videos that will add SEO value? Contact us at Cinecut Creative today!

How To Optimize Video Use Among Multiple Social Media Platforms

Videos can be used for many different things and can be used across many different platforms. They can be used as training, marketing, or just funny videos to post online.  No matter what they’re used for, remember that different platforms have different uses and requirements.Social Media Videos

Making one video can be challenging enough, but making a different video for each individual platform can be extremely tedious and ineffective. What our team at Cinecut Creative has seen is one video that can be shared among all types of different marketing and social media platforms are much more advantageous for Raleigh business owners.

3 guidelines to ensuring a marketing videos are able to be used on any platform are:

  • The length of video: Different platforms may require different lengths, such as Instagram and Twitter, while others may not. Thus, it is important to monitor the length of the video. To do this, keep the length short enough to keep the viewers’ attention and just long enough to get the point across.
  • Initial content: Initial content is very important. Therefore, the first 5-10 seconds of a video can make it or break it. Make the intro very catchy and flashy to grab the viewer’s attention. Some digital marketing platforms, such as Facebook, have auto-play features. Auto-play is where the video starts playing automatically without audio. Thus, if you have a catchy intro, then people are more likely to view the whole video.
  • Content Format: The format can be almost as important as the content itself. Therefore, following the format of the most crucial information first, increases the likelihood of a response.

Need help with creating corporate videos or other business videos? We would love to help you with that! Visit our website to contact us and let us create something special for you.

The Perks of Using Video for Business Training

The new employee training process for new employees can be a long process. Companies may differ in this aspect of operations, but there is one beneficial way to train employees that all companies can apply: video.Employee Training Videos

The video team at Cinecut Creative has seen that young employees are more than familiar with using videos. Training videos have proven to be one of the greatest advantages in a business, whether it’s making tutorials or video blogs or watching videos in order to learn about a subject. The integration of videos into business training is positive for various reasons.

4 reasons why every company should start using videos for training are:

  1. Video for training is inexpensive. Raleigh companies are bombarded with multitudes of costs, so it makes sense to want to minimize expenses. Training videos can save a lot of money on employee cost of trainers.
  2. Video for training is versatile. As far as content goes, it’s entirely up to the creator. Thus, a company can include whatever information it deems vital to the success of new hires, taking advantage of whatever time frame is offered for the training process.
  3. Video connects the learner in a deeper way. The combination of text, graphics, and images catches the attention of trainees.  Furthermore, including stories or anecdotes creates a personal connection between the hire and the company, igniting a sense of loyalty to the company.
  4. Videos make training more interactive. Interactive training videos put the power into the hands of the employee. Training videos make the learning experience self-directed. Thus, a self-directed learning experience typically leads to longer retention of material.

The training period is an integral part of the future success of trainees. Using business training videos will not only allow the Raleigh company reap the benefits but the new employees too. Using training videos to introduce a new work environment can help instill excitement in their future at the company.

To set up a video training plan with the Raleigh videography team at Cinecut Creative, click here to contact us now.

How to Distinguish a Company from Competitors with Videos

Companies can find themselves evenly matched with their competitors in terms of trying out the same marketing strategies. Make the extra effort by inputting videos into business websites and social media platforms that are formulated to distinguish a company from their competitors. Videos are a popular medium for companies to make their values and products/services known to consumers. Cinecut Creative has compiled a list of video tips to help companies, who want to distinguish themselves from their competitors.Raleigh video production

5 video production tips to help companies differentiate themselves from competitors are:

  1. Make the company have a “face”: This means that a company should have a spokesperson/ representative that is at the forefront of the videos. Usually, the “face” is a way for consumers to recognize the company.
  2. Solidify company values: Make sure that the video is exhibiting the company’s values and conduct. Some companies can find themselves caught up in trying too much, which makes the overall message of the company lost. Each business video should have a purpose, but also an underlying tone of the company.
  3. Succinct product/service explanation: Keep the demonstration/ explanation short and to the point. This helps to keep the viewer engaged and also makes the company look like they nailed down a sales pitch. Also, creating a storyline for these videos helps to ensure brevity and consumer wide understanding.
  4. Visually appealing videos: Make sure to pick a professional video production company that has a great understanding of the industries in the area. The video production company should communicate with the business to see what would be best visually for the video’s purpose. Also, the video should be innovative and engaging to the viewer.
  5. Call-to-action closing: Master a closing that keeps the viewers interested in the website, social media platforms, and more. The longer the computer user is engaged, the better the chance the computer user will turn into a loyal customer.

For all video production inquiries, contact Cinecut Creative, a local video production company in Raleigh, NC. They have an understanding of various industries and competitors in the area. Stand out among the competition with specialized business videos!

3 Helpful Tips for Businesses during the Video Production Process

Businesses that hire a video production company should make themselves aware of the video production process. The process varies based on what the company wants for the videos and on what the company provides for the budget. Cinecut Creative has created a short list of tips for businesses that are unaware of the video production process.Raleigh videos

3 crucial tips for businesses during the video production process include:

  1. Stick to a budget: All businesses should be aware of the budget for the video project. They should know what they are paying for in terms of the video process. Any adjustments to the budget should be communicated by the video production company to the client for approval. Having an open conversation about the cost breakdown can prevent miscommunications. Making the video production process go smoothly helps to garner a sustaining business relationship.
  2. Structured yet flexible timeline: The video production process has a timeline of steps that are completed until the final product. Referring back to the budget point, the timeline is similar in that it should always be communicated to the client. The client should also know the timeline may be flexible, but the final video should be within their targeted window of completion. Video production has many moving parts, which requires a flexible timeline for certain video projects.
  3. Create a useful outline to draft a script: Businesses should come up with a script outline for the video in order to summarize key points while also knowing the purpose of the video. Communicating efficiently to the video production company formulates a final video that is approved by everyone.

Based out of Raleigh, NC, Cinecut Creative can answer business related video production process questions. When considering a video production company for business videos, contact Cinecut Creative.

What Informative Content is Covered in Business Videos

When creating videos for businesses, it is important to focus the video’s content. The videos are featured on the website, but also are part of the marketing campaign of the business. Focusing the videos helps to split up informative content among the topic ideas. Cinecut Creative helps businesses create a business marketing videos in order for them to market their websites.Raleigh Business Videos

Some areas of informative content in business videos are:

  • Home Page Introduction: The homepage is the landing page that gives the first impression of the business. The introductory video should be short yet engaging to the viewer. To make a video engaging, include snippets of informative content as well as a call-to-action. The goal of a home page business video is to keep the user on the website with multiple clicks on tabs. The longer the user stays on the page the more likely they are interested in the product/service.
  • Business Updates: When the business as a whole does an event for the community, highlight it on a designated community page. The page’s content then uses local keywords to get local customers/clients. Showing that the business is dedicated to the community helps a business garner loyalty from the community. Also, when a business includes a new service/product, input it at the top of the services page. Use informative keywords to help display the service/product updates.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: There are ways to frame FAQs without designating a whole web page to it. Utilizing a business video can help relay informative content about the buying, selling, or refunding process without the hassle of scrolling down the web page.

As a video production company in Raleigh, Cinecut Creative knows the benefits of utilizing business videos with informative content. When deciding how to implement a business video marketing campaign, contact Cinecut Creative.