3 Things Every Great Training Video Needs

Training videos are excellent tools for today’s business owners that need to ramp-up both new and current employees. Using videos can reduce overall costs of training, keep employees engaged in the process, and they can accommodate many learning styles.

Despite all of these advantages to using videos for training purposes, it is possible to produce a poor video that misses the mark. So what exactly makes for a great training video?Raleigh Training Videos

Our experts at Cinecut Creative share three things necessary to create effective and engaging training videos:

  • Story Structure. People love stories! They use an easy formula to keep viewers engaged and they can be repeated time and time again to create a library of successful training videos. Follow the basic formula by providing an introduction, a topic setup, an explanation, and a wrap up. This will give the viewer a sense of a beginning, middle, and end in order for them to make connections and learn efficiently.
  • Good Script. This ties in with the story structure since the content of the video needs to be coherent and make sense to the viewer. Using too much jargon without providing definitions, or rambling on a bit too much can equally affect whether or not a viewer is able to absorb the information presented. Be sure to take the time to write and edit the script by speaking it out loud -you’ll be surprised with how different something may sound to the ear compared to reading it.
  • Good Actors. Even if you have the perfect story structure with a stellar script, poor acting can create unintended reactions among viewers ranging from laughter to frustration. The goal is to make the training video informative and believable, so invest in good actors who can get your point across in an engaging and professional way.

The benefits of using training videos for employees are numerous, and producing them can be a learning experience for the employer, too! If your business is in need of insight into the filming or editing process, contact us at Cinecut Creative today!