4 of the Most Common Uses of Business Videos

Raleigh business owners can gain a lot from using videos in their businesses, but there isn’t only one type of video to use. At Cinecut Creative, we have seen many Raleigh attorneys use videos to introduce their attorneys to potential clients in order to gain trust. Raleigh restaurants use marketing videos to introduce their location, restaurant, and food to potential customers. There are many ways to use business videos in a Raleigh business that can help gain clients, maintain clients, or train staff.

Business Videos

4 of the most common uses of business videos in Raleigh area businesses are:

  1. Marketing Videos. There are a variety of types of marketing videos, but the most common is when the business owner or marketing professional introduces their company, their product or service, and why to choose this company. This is most commonly known as an elevator pitch on video.
  2. Testimonial Videos. Testimonial videos are a type of marketing video, but it allows the businesses’ customers explain why it is valuable to choose the business. These are extremely successful marketing videos because it allows the customers to do the selling for the company.
  3. Internal, Training Videos. It is easier for business owners or managers to train one time, to a computer, instead of training each individual employee multiple times. Videos are a great way to ensure that each employee starts off with the same amount of information.
  4. Introduction Videos. Introduction videos can be considered a form of a marketing video. These videos are used when there is one individual that is chosen to work with instead of an entire company. A great example of businesses that can take advantage of introduction videos are attorneys, doctors, therapist, and coaches.

Is it time for a new business video or maybe a marketing video? Contact Cinecut Creative to set up a conversation about the business and the video production needs.