Corporate Companies Who Are Doing Video Marketing Well

Creativity and uniqueness play big roles in a marketing campaign’s success. However, projecting these two things can be difficult in a normal campaign. That’s why many companies are turning to video to promote their products and services. Stories can be told and emotions can be evoked.Great Examples of Marketing Videos

Check out some major companies who have succeeded in the realm of video marketing:

  • Always with #LikeAGirl: Statistics should support claims that are made in a campaign, especially if it is a controversial topic. Always did just that. They tackled the issue of gender bias, specifically in emojis, and reached out to a younger demographic. The video ends with a powerful message, making the audience stop and think about the campaign a bit more.
  • LG with #LowBatteryAnxiety: Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, and for many, their lives are stored on it. When a phone is on the verge of dying, it’s normal for people to get anxious! LG recognized this relatable feeling and poked fun at it – the product was a successful video marketing campaign.
  • Organic Valley with Save A Bro You Know: Not only is this video hilarious, but it is also informative. It identifies the problems with competitor products. The funnier the content is, the more likely users will share the video on social media.
  • Chevrolet with #DayItForward: In this video campaign, empathy is evoked in viewers. The multiple videos released by the company promote goodwill among people, as well as enforce a positive brand image. Also, including celebrities doesn’t hurt either!

Creativity is a great tool to use in order to create great marketing videos! Take an idea and run with it, just like these companies did. At Cinecut Creative, we can help craft the perfect video to fit just what you or your company needs!