What Actually Happens During the Video Editing Process?

One of the most important aspects of video production actually occurs after filming takes place. The post-production procedures of editing are integral to the overall process and allow the video’s vision to come to life in a spectacular way.

So, what exactly is involved in video editing? Today’s technology allows for non-linear editing, which is essentially using digital software to edit any specific part of recorded footage at any time. There are multiple programs available on any platform, and this allows for much more creative liberty among editing teams.video editing

Our video experts at Cinecut Creative share the common goals of the editing process and how they may be achieved:

  • Remove/Add Footage. Generally, filming involves shooting multiple shots and takes to allow teams to have more variety in the footage being compiled. This is beneficial since some shots may have better clarity than others, and editing teams are able to cut the unwanted or flawed shots and keep the takes that shine.
  • Create Narrative Clarity. Every video has an overall goal to accomplish such as telling a story, providing company information, or presenting a product demonstration. It is rare that the filming process achieves this goal perfectly from start to finish, so editing is necessary to help the narrative come to life in a way that makes sense to the audience.
  • Create a Tone for the Video. In relation to editing for narrative clarity, editors are able to set a specific mood or tone for the video to help aid in achieving its goal. Training videos will probably be more successful if they’re light-hearted and engaging, whereas client testimonials may reach more people if they’re relatable and appeal to emotion. There is a lot of artistic creativity allowed in the editing process to make any vision come to life.
  • Add Special Effects/Elements. Adding music and graphics, or using editing techniques such as dissolves or rapid cuts can also help to set the tone for the video. These effects can enhance the “wow” factor for an audience, thus leaving a lasting impression after viewing. However, it is important to incorporate appropriate effects, since a somber video addressing a customer’s pain point will be unlikely to benefit from distracting animations and upbeat music.

Film crews and editing teams work hand-in-hand to create stunning videos that can deliver a message, impress an audience, and provoke further action. Contact us at Cinecut Creative today to give your business a boost with professional and experienced production crews.