How to Introduce Your Business Through Video

For small businesses looking to extend their reach and grow their online presence, video marketing is a perfect solution. The video medium is taking businesses to the next level, providing them with long-lasting marketing tools and opening the door for communication between customers.

The best way to get started is to produce a video that introduces the business. Our creative team at Cinecut Creative has a few tips to help video newcomers make a proper introduction!

5 tips to aid businesses looking to produce stellar introduction videos are:

  • Keep it Simple. No need for flashy bells and whistles just yet since you don’t want to risk
    overwhelming the viewer with too much going on. State the company name, explain the mission statement, address the target audience’s pain point and how the business can alleviate that pain. Talk about the owner, the staff, and other insightful talking points that will get the viewer engaged.
  • Write a Script. Introduction videos should be conversational, so you don’t necessarily want to read straight from a cue card. However, it’s also good practice to be prepared. Very rarely do the right words fall out of thin air on command, so take the time to write out what is important to say, and then play around with the delivery to create a dynamic dialogue that will appeal to viewers.
  • Have Fun. If the goal is to get people onboard with the company, a great way to foster that sense of loyalty is by simply being human! Whether it’s the company’s culture or products that make it unique, a positive attitude will do wonders for how viewers receive the information.
  • Encourage Feedback. The only way to know if the video is successful or comprehensive enough is to get feedback on viewer reception. If the video is uploaded to a channel where comments can be enabled, then encourage the viewers to leave their impressions!
  • Call to Action. Along with encouraging feedback, you don’t want to leave the audience hanging when the video is over. What should they do next? Tell them!

Ultimately, there’s no wrong way to introduce your business to the world through video. Remember to have fun, be informative, and attempt to engage with the viewers! For more information on how to get started, contact our experts at Cinecut Creative!

4 Scientific Reasons Why Video Marketing is Successful

We’ve heard numerous statistics about how videos are better than text for successful marketing campaigns, but why exactly are they more effective?

Understandably, there are scientific reasons as to why businesses will see conversion rates increase after utilizing videos. After all, the human experience is perceived with the five senses, and our visual perception accounts for 83% of how we experience the world around us.

Our staff at Cinecut Creative share four scientific reasons that emphasize why our brains are more responsive to video marketing campaigns:Video Production in Raleigh, NC

  • Videos Are Stimulating. Visuals, especially containing motion, will grab our attention much quicker than text. 90% of the information processed by our brains is visual, so we are highly adapted to noticing visual stimuli and even process it 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Videos Relay the Message Quicker. Since our brains process visuals faster than text, time is saved for the viewer when learning about a product or service. Sometimes text is ambiguous, interpreted incorrectly, or takes longer to absorb. Since one minute of video equals 1.8 million words of text, the amount of accurate information processed by viewers will increase and in less time.
  • Videos Are Memorable. If you sit through a lecture and are asked a week later to recall it, you’re more likely to remember visual-spatial information as opposed to verbatim speech. This is because visual information is stored in long-term memory centers of the brain, making it accessible for future reference. And, 80% of viewers remember a video ad they’ve watched in the last 30 days, making video a powerful tool for marketers desiring longevity.
  • Videos Trigger Emotion. Reading a sad story may spark temporary feelings of sadness, but seeing someone cry will provoke a greater emotional response in those who witness it. Again, this testifies to the power of visual stimuli. Images that incite emotional responses will cause our brains to release oxytocin (the hug hormone) and further provokes feelings of empathy, which is beneficial for establishing feelings of brand connection and trust.

As we can see, the science behind video marketing success is compelling and rather undeniable. Videos are optimal for information processing and establishing emotional connections, making them a perfect medium for businesses to utilize. Contact us at Cinecut Creative and start planning your business’s next video marketing campaign!

4 Key Elements Required for a Successful Video Script

Successful marketing videos are a mix of stunning visuals and dynamic narratives. However, when producing these videos, it’s important to not focus solely on the visual aspects, but to also spend time developing coherent and relatable scripts.

Even the most impressive business videos will fall short of the end goal if the script is poorly executed. Like a good story, there are specific elements that video scripts should incorporate in order to communicate the message effectively.Writing Goals On Notepad

Video production experts at Cinecut Creative offer the four key elements that every script should contain.

  • Introduction with Initial Hook. For the viewer, the first 30 seconds of a video will generally determine if they will continue watching. This is because they will be able to ascertain whether or not the video is beneficial to them. Since this is such a small timeframe, it is crucial to begin the video script by addressing the target audience and their concerns.
  • The Problem. This section is meant to further address the “pain points” that the audience experiences. Here, it’s best to determine what they’re struggling with and assure them that you understand their problem. By relating to the viewer, you will gain their trust and generate further interest in what you have to say.
  • The Overall Message. Here is where you propose the message that the video was made to convey. Perhaps this is a solution to the problem, or simply a valuable piece of truth that alleviates the viewer’s pain. The key here is to make this the most memorable aspect of the script, so a concise sentence is the best way to deliver.
  • The Resolution. Elaborate on the message and how this will benefit the viewer and improve their situation. Give a couple of descriptive examples to drive the point home before coming to a powerful close containing a call to action. Direct them to the company website for more information, or even pitch a free demo trial. Either way, tell them what the next step will be.

The script will often be the first aspect of development in the production process, but it’s important to dedicate time and effort into its creation. By including the above elements, the script is sure to be successful and will further drive the appeal of the video. Contact Cinecut Creative today to receive expert advice on your business video’s narrative!