How to Use Videos to Boost Your SEO Ranking

Online video consumption has increased dramatically over the past few years, and if your company isn’t using it by this point you’re simply missing out on numerous benefits. It should be noted that posting any old video on a website won’t automatically generate more traffic. There are specific formulas that search engines and browsers utilize to generate relevant content from a keyword search.Video Production in Raleigh, NC

So, what does this mean for those posting video content? Simply put, it means there are tips and tricks to help boost SEO rankings that will result in more clicks, views, and conversions for your company overall. A video doesn’t need to go viral to spread a message, but it does need to be seen!

3 tips recommended by experts at Cinecut Creative for generating and posting online video content to see a boost in SEO performance: 

  • Use Relevant Keywords. Analysis of the target audience should give insight into what they’re searching for and how they’re searching for it. What words and phrases are they using that can be repeated in the video’s title or description? Another note: keep the title concise and beef up the video’s description with more keywords. Search engines will analyze both when delivering content from a keyword search.
  • Don’t Forget the Thumbnail. It may seem like a trivial little picture, perhaps even random. But consider this: it’s the first visual glimpse into your video that a viewer sees. If it is in any way misleading or seemingly unengaging, the viewer won’t click. It’s possible to choose a frame from your video to promote as the thumbnail. Try and make it a relevant still with compelling information that would convince a viewer to click to see more.
  • Include the Video’s Transcript. This ties into using relevant keywords. A transcript allows the opportunity for search engines to decide if it’s relevant enough to include in search results. If the title and video descriptions don’t provide enough keyword optimization, the transcript can help to deliver.

There are numerous other ways to better optimize SEO performance and rankings for your video content. Give is a call at Cinecut Creative to learn more!