Why Video Should Be Used in Marketing

Many Raleigh business owners have put videography on the back burner of their marketing campaigns. They feel as though it is too costly with too low of a response rate.Marketing Videos

There are so many positive impacts of marketing videos in a marketing campaign. And, the entire campaign does not have to be video. Video can be one of the follow-up pieces in a marketing campaign.

9 impacts of marketing videos that Cinecut Creative has seen with our Raleigh businesses who use marketing videos are:

  1. Improved SEO. Adding videos to a website increases chances of appearing on the first page of a Google search result by as much as 53%.
  2. Stronger Consumer Attention. It has been proven that of all types of mediums, videos are able to demand the most consumer attention.
  3. Higher Engagement. Visual content leads to high rates of engagement. People are more likely to share and comment on videos than other posts.
  4. Greater Optimization Opportunities. Measuring how much a video is consumed is easy. Because videos have a feedback loop, the click-through rate, drop-off points, or the number of times watched are noted.
  5. Higher Retention Rates. 65% of audiences are likely to watch more than three-quarters of a video, more so than a text-based post.
  6. Better Email Click-Through. It has been found that if an email includes a video with information, the click-through rates of the email are doubled.
  7. Stronger Emotional Connections. Facial expressions, music, images, and tone of voice are typically used to evoke emotion. These emotions positively impact consumer decision-making.
  8. Increased Consumer Conversions. More customers are converted when the video is used in marketing tactics. Research reveals that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates are higher than other forms of marketing content.

There are so much more ways that videos can impact a marketing campaign! Do you need some ideas on how videos can be implemented into an existing campaign? Then contact Cinecut Creative to start incorporating videos into your company today.

What Type of Videos Make a Successful Marketing Campaign

When it comes to planning a successful marketing campaign, videos are a crucial part of business advertising. Videos are a summarized snippet of the company introducing themselves while also furthering the consumers’ call to action response to the video content. Cinecut Creative knows which types of videos are staples of a successful marketing campaign that are crafted specifically for a company.Teaser Video

3 types of successful marketing campaign videos are:

  1. Company Introduction: This may seem obvious, but instead of adding boring dialogue, make the video interesting to the viewer! It is important to still exhibit professionalism, but remember that engaging viewers is vital to a video’s success. Formulate a dialogue that will string the viewer along by teaching something new about the company in a short video. Also, include the company’s values.
  2. Product/service launches: There is so much power in a teaser video for producing anticipation of a product or service launch. These teaser videos give loyal customers a chance to look forward towards what the company has in store for the future. Also, these videos engage new viewers by giving a short visual and launch date, which shows the innovate qualities of the company while adhering to a deadline.
  3. Product/service explanations: Short engaging product demonstrations or service explanations can follow a TV commercials’ storyline. But, make sure to not oversell and create doubt in the consumers’ minds about the product or service. Explanation videos are meant to create a demand for customers about the product or service that the company is offering. It is always important to improve a product/service by understanding and handling consumer reviews with great customer service.

When these videos are professionally done by a video production company, the business will see more people engaging with their website and social media platforms. Cinecut Creative, a professional video production company out of Raleigh, NC, knows how to create engaging videos for a company’s marketing campaign. Contact Cinecut Creative for marketing campaign videos today!

How to Pick a Marketing Video Production Company

When a business is in need of a marketing video production company, picking the best one that fits their vision and knows their goals is important. Whether the business is implementing videos for their main website or a video for their social media marketing, a video production company must have a portfolio. Cinecut Creative works well with businesses by showing what they have done in the past and how they can create a new, innovative video for their client.Raleigh Marketing Videos

The 5 step process to picking a marketing video production company includes:

  1. Brainstorm beforehand: Figure out the answers to the questions that could come up such as: What type of video is needed and what is the video’s purpose is for the platform? Pinpointing good ideas and communicate them to the video production company. Think about and set up the timeline and budget for the video production process.
  2. Find a Local Company: Selecting a local company means that they know about competitor’s videos as well as various area locations that are best for filming. Check out their website to make sure that it is a fully functioning and updated frequently. Furthermore, check out their services and their portfolio.
  3. Contact the Company: If the business feels that the video production company can achieve their video’s vision, then they should set up a consultation. Contact the company and check to see if they make a good first impression. Check to see if the company is organized and has good customer service skills. Make sure that they make time for the business that wants a video.
  4. Consult with the Company: During the consultation, asks questions and find out the monetary breakdown of services. See if they can fit the timeline and budget that the business sets beforehand. Check the professionality of the video production company and how they interact with the business.
  5. Choose them: If the video production company fulfills all area requirements for the business, call them to set up contracts and to figure out the first steps in the video production process.

Hiring a professional video production company makes the production process easier because they know how to answer questions and communicate well with the business. For all marketing video questions, contact Cinecut Creative, a local video production in Raleigh, NC.

3 Crucial Factors of Producing a Great Marketing Video

Marketing video production has a selection process and timeline that involves many factors. Decisions are made throughout the process that involve adjusting the budget and editing video content. These decisions should always keep the best interest of the business in mind. Cinecut Creative knows how to make these video production decisions while also creating content that works well with the business.

3 important factors for marketing video production are:

Marketing Video Production

  • Developing Content: A successful marketing video has a theme that is explained in three parts: introduction, short sales pitch/summary, and closing. The amount of content correlates with the length of the video. Succinct yet informative videos not only keep the viewer engaged, but also keep the video production costs low. Longer videos require more content creation and editing as well as a bigger budget for location rental and videographer payment.
  • Picking a Location: The backdrop of a marketing video is important because it sets the tone for the entirety of the video. Shooting a video onsite also requires location rental fee and scheduling ahead of time. Depending on the business and its products/services, the location varies from a green screen, a city/nature landscape, or an office setting. Remember to make sure all the permits are in order, if choosing to produce a video onsite.
  • Selecting Actors: It is important to have actors that are consistent throughout the marketing video. A large pool of actors and extras requires a bigger budget. Some marketing videos do not include actors, but instead have a voiceover. Pick someone that enunciates their speech that will also command the viewers’ attention.

Remember to hire professionals that know how to create a marketing video that achieves the goal of the business. For all video production inquiries, contact the experts at Cinecut Creative!

How Video Marketing Influences Advertising

Video has surged as a marketing method front-runner for businesses to build brands that advertise products and services. The audience has the chance to interact with the video by connecting with the video’s content. That connection is essential to businesses’ brands because it helps bridge the viewer’s action of watching to the viewer’s action of buying.

3 ways video marketing influences the advertising industry are:

  • Video influencers: They are people that have built their personal brand through video platforms. They make deals with businesses feature their products. Their subscribed audience already has made a connection with the person and then they start making connections with wanting their lifestyle. The brand utilizes this advertising because the creator to viewer connection is already established.
  • Live video: It will be the next marketing platform for brands to utilize to their advantage. Showing the product launches in real time will build anticipation and may result in a higher demand for the product. People can access and follow their interests in real time right in their hands. Businesses utilizing live video hold the power to keep their target audience notified of every step in the process in building a brand’s product.
  • Video sharing: The ability to share information with each other creates a web of interconnected audiences. By building a network of video sharing, a business can reach audiences of varying demographics. Awareness is what results of sharing. These shared connections will consider buying the product based off of their connection to the person who shared it.

Advertising through video brings more information to a product. Video marketing enacts different ways to build a connection with the targeted audience. For more information on how to build a video marketing plan, contact Cinecut Creative.