What to Add to Videos to Boost Them to the Next Level

For most businesses looking to grow their online presence, video marketing is a go-to strategy to get started. But, there may be some who’ve uploaded a few videos that aren’t getting views, aren’t seeing many results, or perhaps they’ve plateaued and need a few tips for a boost to the next level.Marketing Videos

There is good news for those stuck in a rut since many video and search engine gurus are releasing tips and tricks to help businesses see the results they’re aiming for.

4 tips from our video gurus at Cinecut Creative to help take business videos to the next level are:

  • Use Storytelling Techniques. This is pretty simple to accomplish, and can be incorporated in many ways. Some videos fall flat because they aren’t engaging, or viewers don’t necessarily see the point in continuing to watch. By providing them with characters involved in a story arch, the door opens up for them to stay tuned for the next installment in, what may come to be, a video series.
  • Add an Interactive Transcript. These are awesome and tie-in directly to the video itself. It’s a JavaScript plugin that displays a scrolling transcript aligned with the speech in the video. Users can click on any word of the transcript to jump to that point in the video. This enhances the user experience and keeps them engaged with the video content.
  • Add Closed Captions. HMTL5 makes this an easy addition, so the video editing process won’t be derailed by including text. This can help increase the amount of time viewers spend with a video, since our brains naturally want to read text when it’s displayed. Also, it can benefit viewers who may not have access to sound at the time of watching the video.
  • Use SEO Tricks. When the video is being uploaded and distributed, litter it with keywords. Use the title and description areas to incorporate tags and keywords that the bots will crawl through and display in user search results.

Utilizing these ideas will surely help any video get a quick boost in visibility and promote viewer engagement. Need more information on how to incorporate these ideas? Contact us at Cinecut Creative!

How to Use Video Marketing in Your Small Business

For small businesses, creating strategic marketing plans may seem overwhelming as there are many tactics to choose from. Between social media, email, radio and more, endless options may leave business owners wondering where to start.Raleigh Business Videos

The video production experts at Cinecut Creative believe that small businesses in the Triangle will benefit from getting their brand recognized; what is the best way to do that? By using video content that gives the business a face and personality.

Small business owners should remember these three things when considering video content for marketing purposes:

  • Videos are Popular. Videos are increasing in popularity for a reason –they’re successful and can be shared easily –so business owners should consider allocating funds specifically for video ads. Yes, they may cost a pretty penny, but there are options if your business does not have a large budget for video production. Stimulating music coupled with still photos and voice-overs are an effective way to introduce your business to the community, without breaking the bank with excessive editing and digital effects.
  • Personality and Humor. According to Burst Media, comedy is the most popular form of online video content ranking at 39%, followed by news (33%) and music (31%). This doesn’t mean your business needs to stage a slapstick routine to generate views, but it does indicate a certain preference among viewers. Humanizing your business videos with personality and humor will help to engage viewers while encouraging them to relate to your brand on a personal level.
  • Videos are Viewed Most on Mobile Devices. 92% of mobile video consumers will share videos with others, according to Invodo. This is good news for small businesses that are posting video content on multiple platforms. Creating YouTube channels, Facebook business pages, Twitter accounts, or LinkedIn profiles and uploading business videos will ensure that they are viewed and then shared easily by users.

Videos open the door for potential customers to get a feel for your business by introducing them to the company in an informative and entertaining way. Contact us today at Cinecut Creative to see how we can help your small business get started!