4 Ways Video Marketing Impacts SEO Value

Small businesses throughout the Triangle are quickly learning that SEO isn’t just another buzzword. Search engine optimization can make the difference between a business’s web page being viewed or not.SEO

One of the best tools to ensure click-throughs is video marketing. Videos help to improve a business’s SEO drastically, resulting in more pulls from keyword searches, and longer stretches of viewer engagement.

The experts at Cinecut Creative have broken down the top four ways that video marketing can positively impact a business’s SEO: 

  • Increase Rank in Google SERP. The first page of a Google search is a coveted place for a business’s web page. 62% of Google searches result in a video. And, many of those results will be displayed on the first page of the search. Videos will rank a web page higher in search results than plain text, so small businesses will benefit from including videos in their marketing plan.
  • Higher Click-Through Rates. Search results with videos are favorable to plain text results since they have a 41% higher rate of click-throughs. This is awesome because more people will be drawn to a page containing a video, and they’ll be more likely to linger and explore further once they’ve reached the landing page.
  • Longer Viewer Engagement. Once people click on the video link, they’re likely to stay about 2 minutes longer than if the page. The longer a user is on a website, the more value that is communicated to Google about that page. In turn, this will help to increase its rank in search results.
  • Videos are Shareable. People love to share content that they find either helpful or meaningful. They will be more likely to share links to pages that contain videos. This is a great free promotion for small businesses looking to get their name out to the public. However, this can also increase the SEO value of their pages.

Videos are changing the marketing game in a major way. Both small and big businesses are benefiting from incorporating videos into their current marketing campaigns. Interested in utilizing videos that will add SEO value? Contact us at Cinecut Creative today!

3 Interesting Benefits of Adding a Video to a Business Website

Videos are a great addition to any business website. They give information about the business and give a short summary of the page. Videos should always have a call to action at the end of the video to keep viewers engaged with the rest of the website. Creating more web traffic to other parts of the business website is encouraged through adding videos as well as adding hyperlinks within the page’s text. Cinecut Creative creates videos for businesses that can help increase web traffic to various parts of the business website in order for the user to gain more information about the company.Business videos

3 benefits of adding a video to a business website are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Videos are a visual aid to help the audience stay engaged on the site. When a video is inputted into the page, there are hidden keywords that boost the SEO of the web page by adding to the various ways a company can be searched online. Whether it is through location, industry, or specific question, a website will rank higher with a video with hidden keywords.
  • Clicks to business website: A video is a visual aid. This visual aid should boost engagement through sharing on social media platforms. It also creates a link to the company’s website. When a viewer wants more information, the video creates a link to the business’s information. Videos with a high viewer count transfer into more business website clicks for the company. The longer a user stays on the website, the more money they will spend on the products and services.
  • Short summary packed with information: Videos are a way to keep the user engaged. Videos should give users a short summary packed with important information. A bad video lacks a storyline and call to action. Making a short video with the important facts included as well as a call to engage with other parts of the website is how a video should serve the web page.

Known for its business video production, Cinecut Creative, a local video production company in Raleigh, NC, can help businesses increase their website SEO as well as social media to website clicks. Call on Cinecut Creative, to answer any video production questions.

How to Widen Your Video’s Viewership

Business owners that have started to implement video marketing strategies can attest to how powerful they are as a tool to reach an audience. However, some may not be seeing the desired benefits such as increased conversion rates. This may be due to a problem that’s easy to fix: the videos aren’t getting enough views.

This is no problem for our video experts at Cinecut Creative, who specialize in helping businesses and marketers get the best out of their video content.

3 things to consider when looking to increase the amount of views your video receives:

  • SEO Optimization. Put yourself in the shoes of the target
    audience: how are they finding videos in the first place? Most likely they will run a keyword search and sift through content from there. Make sure the video’s description, transcript, category, and other data points include those keywords so that the video is initially pulled in the search. Then, include a click-worthy title and a captivating thumbnail to further entice them into viewing.
  • Ask for Subscriptions. Maybe viewers aren’t aware that there is new video content for them to enjoy. A simple solution is to create a channel for them to subscribe to where new videos are presented to them automatically, without the hassle of a search on their end. This also helps foster accountability for consistent new video uploads, don’t let the people down!
  • Organize the Content. Sloppy organization is an easy way to lose viewer interest. They may love the content they’re seeing and want more, but they can’t find it, or the videos play out of sequence (if there is one intended). Creating a channel and organizing it well with playlists per topic is an effective method for maintaining viewer interest and making their experience as seamless as possible.

There are more tips and tricks to utilize for businesses to see results in their video marketing campaigns. Interested in learning more? Contact us at Cinecut Creative today!