How a Video Improves a Website for a Business

Videos help businesses to not only talk about their services, but also give more insight into who is interacting with the website. Having this insight is crucial to knowing the audience of the business. Videos are a way to widen the business’s viewership. Also, they direct web traffic to the existing audience. Cinecut Creative creates videos that can build upon previously established website interaction in hopes to connect with the next client that interacts with the website.

3 ways a video improves a website for a business are:

How a Video Improves a Website for a Business

  • Boosting engagement: In terms of engagement, a video should bring about a call to action by the viewer. They should feel engaged to want to know more and click through more pages to gather more information. When embedding a video into a web page, the video can also have keywords in its sub text that will make the web page rank higher when searched by a user. Make the video have a searchable title and description filled with keywords.
  • Analyzing viewership: A business should know who is interacting with the website and how they can capitalize off that interaction. Widening the viewership helps to widen the awareness of the business’s presence while also finding ways to keep the viewers on the site longer. If the website is focusing on a super specific audience, a video may broaden the reach of the business.
  • Sharing through social media: Make sure that the video and webpage are equipped with social media plugins for viewers and users to share the content. Social media sharing is the easiest way for a business to gain more interaction. People from different networks that act as influencers will let others know of the business and its services.

With a professional video production company, making videos for a business’s website is an easy process. For all video production and video marketing questions, contact Cinecut Creative, a local video production company in Raleigh, NC.

How to Spruce Up Web Page Design with Video Marketing

Businesses that lack videos on their website may be losing web traffic. Users want to gather information about the business and its products and services. An introductory video works as a short sales pitch to garner the users’ attention and call-to-action. Videos can also serve other purposes when placed on other web page tabs.

3 ways to utilize video advertising when designing a web page:

  • Home Page Video: After inserting the major information at the top of the web page such as business name, logo, social media plugins, and tabs, make sure to put in the business purpose question followed by the business introductory video. The home page should be easy on the eyes, but still informative. Also, put contact information on the home page because it is the most searchable page for the business.
  • Services/Products Tabs Videos: Defining the services/products offered is vital to the user’s understanding of the business. Each tab acts as a general point for the video to market and define the service. These videos tend to be shorter than the introductory video, but give more specific information. Instead of a lengthy, long-winded paragraph detailing services, create the personal approach by inserting a video that engages the users’ attention to certain aspects of a service/product.
  • About Us Page Video: This video answers two questions: “How did this business grow over the years” and “How did the idea for the business come about?” This video is personal to every business and also helps the users personally engage with the business in order for them to see how the business has achieved its goals. Creating user loyalty is key to the sustainability of the business and it is key to the referral process.

Videos engage the web page user and encourage them to click through multiple tabs to learn more about the business. Cinecut Creative builds videos for businesses that help fill the gaps in the web page design that were previously filled with lengthy, vague, or unexplained text/content. For more information on how to add videos to a business page, contact Cinecut Creative.

Using Story-Telling Videos to Boost Social Media Engagement

The best way to boost engagement on social media platforms is by connecting with the user! Video has been proven to be a reliable medium to do just that, since many social media users spend about 1/3 of their time online viewing videos.

So, what is the best content to post if you’re looking to boost engagement? Stories. Seriously! People love stories and if you give them something to look forward to once or twice a week, you’re guaranteed to see an increase in likes and shares!Social Media Videos

3 ideas on potential video story motifs to boost your social media user engagement are: 

  • Behind the Scenes Footage. People love to feel like they’re getting secret or lesser known information. After all, how many can brag that they know exactly how TV dinners are made? Sharing some behind the scenes footage into your company will gives users a glimpse into how your business operates and how they could be a part of it themselves. Show them how you make the product, or how you came up with the business strategy in general.
  • Personal Stories. Sharing personal information is a great way to relate to people. Does your target audience have a specific pain point you can address with a personal anecdote? Making your brand and business more relatable on a human level is a great strategy, and videos help to capture and share the human aspects of a business.
  • Fictional Series. Releasing quick 2-3 minute videos once or twice per week is a great way to gain momentum in the social media world. There is a constant stream of content being uploaded and downloaded every second. Using a compelling fictional story with good acting that showcases company products or services is a good way to engage new and potential users since they’ll likely share the content with their friends and family too!

Social media has completely changed how we produce and distribute content, but having a virtual space to share ideas is a wonderful thing! Contact us at Cinecut Creative today to see how you can get the most out of your social media presence by using the power of video and story-telling!