3 Key Points to Effective Storytelling in Videos

We live in a world overflowing with content that begs for our attention, and for video marketing this can pose a challenge. How do we know if the campaign is being seen, if it’s entertaining or even successful?Raleigh Business Videos

Luckily, people are pretty consistent and there is an age-old method that never fails: the art of storytelling. People respond to stories in profound ways like being motivated to purchase a product or service, or even challenging themselves to change behaviors or thought-patterns. However, it is possible for video storytelling to veer off track so it’s important to remember a few key points to ensure success.

3 key points to remember for storytelling recommended by video production experts at Cinecut Creative are:

  • Use Storytelling Structure. This means using the traditional storytelling arch containing a beginning, middle, and an end. It’s a simple formula that can reduce complex stories or ideas into understandable content. Also, it’s a great way to keep the audience engaged throughout the video. So, introduce characters, create some conflict, then come to a fulfilling resolution.
  • Keep it Relevant. It’s possible to create a visually stunning video that’s comparable to a feature-length film in its composition, but if the story being told isn’t relevant to the business then it will fall short of the desired outcome. Focus on telling stories that reflect the brand’s values and aligns with the mission statement, or better yet that directly incorporates the product or service being marketed.
  • Make it Authentic. Real people telling their real stories are way more effective than hiring actors to endorse a message. People are more likely to relate to the ‘everyday’ person who expresses how a business’s product or service improved their life. This streak of authenticity will spark a connection with those who view the video. This will encourage them to engage with the brand on a personal level.

Videos are a powerful tool for businesses to incorporate into their marketing campaigns. Using storytelling techniques will ensure that viewers are engaging with the video content. For more information about video production or editing, contact our experts at Cinecut Creative!