The Perks of Using Video for Business Training

The new employee training process for new employees can be a long process. Companies may differ in this aspect of operations, but there is one beneficial way to train employees that all companies can apply: video.Employee Training Videos

The video team at Cinecut Creative has seen that young employees are more than familiar with using videos. Training videos have proven to be one of the greatest advantages in a business, whether it’s making tutorials or video blogs or watching videos in order to learn about a subject. The integration of videos into business training is positive for various reasons.

4 reasons why every company should start using videos for training are:

  1. Video for training is inexpensive. Raleigh companies are bombarded with multitudes of costs, so it makes sense to want to minimize expenses. Training videos can save a lot of money on employee cost of trainers.
  2. Video for training is versatile. As far as content goes, it’s entirely up to the creator. Thus, a company can include whatever information it deems vital to the success of new hires, taking advantage of whatever time frame is offered for the training process.
  3. Video connects the learner in a deeper way. The combination of text, graphics, and images catches the attention of trainees.  Furthermore, including stories or anecdotes creates a personal connection between the hire and the company, igniting a sense of loyalty to the company.
  4. Videos make training more interactive. Interactive training videos put the power into the hands of the employee. Training videos make the learning experience self-directed. Thus, a self-directed learning experience typically leads to longer retention of material.

The training period is an integral part of the future success of trainees. Using business training videos will not only allow the Raleigh company reap the benefits but the new employees too. Using training videos to introduce a new work environment can help instill excitement in their future at the company.

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4 Advantages of Creating Training Videos for Your Business

As businesses grow and expand, many new employees begin the on-boarding process and must go through training. For decades, individual or class training has taken place in-person and on-site. However, there’s a more efficient way to instruct new hires or to ramp-up current employees on new technology.

Training videos are an invaluable resource in this regard. They are easily distributed and accessible to anyone with an internet connection, making them an ideal method of providing consistent information to people on a larger scale.Training Videos

Our video production experts at Cinecut Creative share four advantages to creating business training videos for today’s workforce:

  • Cost Effectiveness. Planning and executing in-person training classes can be both time-consuming and expensive. Between travel arrangements for corporate trainers to producing training materials for employees, there are numerous factors to consider. Utilizing the power of video can help to alleviate the demands that in-person training requires, especially when looking at total costs.
  • Employee Engagement. Videos have been shown to be an effective tool used to keep people engaged. Also, they’re memorable to those who view them. For example, 80% of viewers recall a video ad they’ve viewed in the last 30 days. On the other hand, they’re probably less likely to remember specific details of a lecture or textual manual. Incorporating videos will ensure that employees are both engaging in the training process and absorbing the content.
  • Beneficial Insights. Distributing training materials in video format also allows for tracking progress among employees and compiling data for process improvements. If there are specific points in a video that are unclear, those can be addressed and revised. Making changes to digital videos is also easier than following a paper trail to revise hard copy manuals throughout the company.
  • Learning Style Accommodation. The brilliant diversity of our workforce also means that there will be many different learning styles. Not everyone can absorb information by reading or listening alone, so videos are a great tool to meet individual needs. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners can all benefit from engaging training videos, thus ensuring no one is left behind in the process.

There are even more benefits to creating training videos that are not detailed here. For more insight into how your business can benefit from this process, please contact our video experts at Cinecut Creative today!

3 Things Every Great Training Video Needs

Training videos are excellent tools for today’s business owners that need to ramp-up both new and current employees. Using videos can reduce overall costs of training, keep employees engaged in the process, and they can accommodate many learning styles.

Despite all of these advantages to using videos for training purposes, it is possible to produce a poor video that misses the mark. So what exactly makes for a great training video?Raleigh Training Videos

Our experts at Cinecut Creative share three things necessary to create effective and engaging training videos:

  • Story Structure. People love stories! They use an easy formula to keep viewers engaged and they can be repeated time and time again to create a library of successful training videos. Follow the basic formula by providing an introduction, a topic setup, an explanation, and a wrap up. This will give the viewer a sense of a beginning, middle, and end in order for them to make connections and learn efficiently.
  • Good Script. This ties in with the story structure since the content of the video needs to be coherent and make sense to the viewer. Using too much jargon without providing definitions, or rambling on a bit too much can equally affect whether or not a viewer is able to absorb the information presented. Be sure to take the time to write and edit the script by speaking it out loud -you’ll be surprised with how different something may sound to the ear compared to reading it.
  • Good Actors. Even if you have the perfect story structure with a stellar script, poor acting can create unintended reactions among viewers ranging from laughter to frustration. The goal is to make the training video informative and believable, so invest in good actors who can get your point across in an engaging and professional way.

The benefits of using training videos for employees are numerous, and producing them can be a learning experience for the employer, too! If your business is in need of insight into the filming or editing process, contact us at Cinecut Creative today!

How to Humanize Your Brand with Videos

Today, the average person will spend more time online than with any other form of media combined. Each day we are exposed to roughly 5,000 advertisements and brands, either by walking down the street, scrolling through social media newsfeeds on a smartphone, or watching YouTube videos.

Raleigh Videography
The television operator on a working platform.The reporting from the international festival.

The digital marketing domain seems to be a wasteland of content that exists only to sell. So how do we ensure that a brand stands out and makes solid connections? At Cinecut Creative, a high-end video production company in Raleigh, NC, we are passionate about helping businesses establish trust with customers through the use of captivating video content. Online videos provide a way for customers to engage with and relate to a brand long before a service or transaction occurs.

How video production in business can help to humanize a brand:

  • Appealing to the senses. Videos go viral for a reason. With endless feeds of content begging for our attention, creative marketing is needed to catch a potential customer’s eye. Using quality video production techniques, Cinecut Creative can deliver visually stunning business and marketing videos.
  • Initiating a Dialogue. Communication is key in business. Highlighting the human aspects behind a brand with informative and personal video content is a way to open a line of communication between the customer and the company. This is where Cinecut Creative can help you; contact our team today for more information.
  • Building Trust. People do business with people they like and trust. Using client testimonial videos is a great way for potential customers to receive a brand recommendation from a relatable source, which establishes trust and increases confidence in the brand itself.

As online users increase, a brand’s ability to connect with an audience through video content becomes vital. Interested in humanizing your brand? Contact the video production experts at Cinecut Creative of Raleigh, NC today!