What Type of Videos Make a Successful Marketing Campaign

When it comes to planning a successful marketing campaign, videos are a crucial part of business advertising. Videos are a summarized snippet of the company introducing themselves while also furthering the consumers’ call to action response to the video content. Cinecut Creative knows which types of videos are staples of a successful marketing campaign that are crafted specifically for a company.Teaser Video

3 types of successful marketing campaign videos are:

  1. Company Introduction: This may seem obvious, but instead of adding boring dialogue, make the video interesting to the viewer! It is important to still exhibit professionalism, but remember that engaging viewers is vital to a video’s success. Formulate a dialogue that will string the viewer along by teaching something new about the company in a short video. Also, include the company’s values.
  2. Product/service launches: There is so much power in a teaser video for producing anticipation of a product or service launch. These teaser videos give loyal customers a chance to look forward towards what the company has in store for the future. Also, these videos engage new viewers by giving a short visual and launch date, which shows the innovate qualities of the company while adhering to a deadline.
  3. Product/service explanations: Short engaging product demonstrations or service explanations can follow a TV commercials’ storyline. But, make sure to not oversell and create doubt in the consumers’ minds about the product or service. Explanation videos are meant to create a demand for customers about the product or service that the company is offering. It is always important to improve a product/service by understanding and handling consumer reviews with great customer service.

When these videos are professionally done by a video production company, the business will see more people engaging with their website and social media platforms. Cinecut Creative, a professional video production company out of Raleigh, NC, knows how to create engaging videos for a company’s marketing campaign. Contact Cinecut Creative for marketing campaign videos today!

How to Decide Which Type of Video to Produce

The first step is making the pivotal decision to integrate video into your business’s content marketing plan. However, the second step may be unclear for those who are new to using video in marketing. What happens next? What equipment is needed? What type of video should be produced?

Effective videos will engage and establish trust with viewers while ultimately furthering the company’s goals. There are multiple choices for video themes and styles, each with advantages for specific outreach goals.Raleigh videos

The experts at Cinecut Creative recommend producing the following video types in order to grow your business:

  • Introduction/Explainer Videos. Many businesses choose to start here in order to give viewers a glimpse into the company and its purpose. Show how to use a product, or share the inspiration for the services being provided. This lays a foundation for viewers to continuing building upon in future videos.
  • Arguably one of the best ways to gain trust and rapport with potential customers is by sharing the success stories of current ones! Don’t bother hiring actors and giving them a script of trite marketing phrases. Instead, call on a loyal customer who is eager to share their experience and simply be ready to capture the magic while they tell their story.
  • These are great videos to convey quick information in a stimulating and entertaining way. Aside from voicing, actors aren’t necessary and there’s no need for an entire production crew or a set! Plus, there are plenty of user friendly video editing and animation software options to choose from.
  • Calls to Action. Successful video marketing campaigns are driven by a call to action. Should they sign up for a newsletter? Visit a website? Buy a product? Tell the viewer what to do next.

Incorporating videos in your marketing plan is a great first step toward changing the future of your business. Contact our video production experts at Cinecut Creative today if you have questions on how to get started!