How a Video Improves a Website for a Business

Videos help businesses to not only talk about their services, but also give more insight into who is interacting with the website. Having this insight is crucial to knowing the audience of the business. Videos are a way to widen the business’s viewership. Also, they direct web traffic to the existing audience. Cinecut Creative creates videos that can build upon previously established website interaction in hopes to connect with the next client that interacts with the website.

3 ways a video improves a website for a business are:

How a Video Improves a Website for a Business

  • Boosting engagement: In terms of engagement, a video should bring about a call to action by the viewer. They should feel engaged to want to know more and click through more pages to gather more information. When embedding a video into a web page, the video can also have keywords in its sub text that will make the web page rank higher when searched by a user. Make the video have a searchable title and description filled with keywords.
  • Analyzing viewership: A business should know who is interacting with the website and how they can capitalize off that interaction. Widening the viewership helps to widen the awareness of the business’s presence while also finding ways to keep the viewers on the site longer. If the website is focusing on a super specific audience, a video may broaden the reach of the business.
  • Sharing through social media: Make sure that the video and webpage are equipped with social media plugins for viewers and users to share the content. Social media sharing is the easiest way for a business to gain more interaction. People from different networks that act as influencers will let others know of the business and its services.

With a professional video production company, making videos for a business’s website is an easy process. For all video production and video marketing questions, contact Cinecut Creative, a local video production company in Raleigh, NC.

How to Develop an Effective Video Marketing Plan

Video marketing is a valuable tactic for both big and small businesses. More companies are choosing to utilize videos and are even expanding budgets in order to produce highly effective content. As more videos emerge, it will be important to produce and distribute engaging content to help your business stand out among the crowd. So what exactly makes a video marketing strategy successful?

Video production experts at Cinecut Creative recommend businesses remember these 3 things when creating an effective video marketing strategy.

  • Raleigh Video CreationHave a Compelling Story-Line. Viewers generally love shorter video content –they’re quick and easy to watch while remaining informative. Keep this in mind when producing videos for marketing purposes. Instead of creating lengthy content that covers everything in three minutes, consider releasing short videos each week that follow a story-line. Create a vision for what the message will be and how it can be delivered in small doses.
  • Make it Engaging. Videos that are engaging will get more views and more shares. Using humor and showing personality are great ways to make viewers eager to watch and keep watching. Also, consider adding elements like visually-stunning cinematography and appropriate music to stimulate viewers while they watch.
  • Solve a Problem. When viewers can relate to a problem or a need, they’re likely to also relate to the solution that is presented. If your business provides a service, produce videos that show how that service is beneficial and provide real-world examples like client testimonials. If the business is marketing a product, tell the viewer why that product is necessary and exemplify how it is useful.
  • Use a Call to Action. Strong videos don’t always end with a cliff-hanger. Viewers want to be entertained and left wanting more, but for businesses it’s important to finish on a high note and give them a call to action. Should they check out a website for more details? Sign up for a newsletter? Forward the video to other viewers? Give them something to do, and they will do it.

Video marketing is not another passing trend that will fizzle out, but it is here to stay and will continue to thrive. Businesses that incorporate an effective video marketing strategy will see a boom in business as well as customer loyalty and satisfaction. Contact us at Cinecut Creative today to get started!