4 Ways to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Making the decision to integrate video into your current marketing strategy was a great one. But now where do you start? There are plenty of results to be excited about, but having a solid plan to ensure those results are seen is the most important.

The best way to see success is to create a living marketing plan to drive video production and distribution. Start simple and allow room for growth because the first round of statistics might show where improvements are necessary.

Our experts at Cinecut Creative share four ways to create a video marketing strategy that is sure to see success: 

  • Start with a Mission Statement. Knowing exactly what you’re producing, who you’re producing it for, and what you expect from it are the key points to focus on in the beginning. Determine the target audience and form a thorough understanding of their needs and how you plan to address them.
  • Determine Video Content. Depending on what your business’s overall goals are will determine what types of video content are best suited for the job. For example, simple product descriptions to boost brand awareness might include a how-to video of some sort. It could be either something basic like how to use it, or how it was innovated in the first place.
  • Decide Who Will Produce It. Will production occur in-house or will it be outsourced to another company? Along with filming, there are many other roles that need to be filled such as who writes the script, who organizes the shoot, who edits the content, etc. Having these roles clearly defined and filled in the beginning will eliminate any strife down the line due to blurred lines in responsibilities.
  • Measure Their Performance. Instead of feeling intimidated by user data, allow it to empower you! There are key insights into whether the video content is working or not. These insights provide more direction for where to take the campaign overall or maybe how to tweak the next video.

Don’t settle for a basic marketing strategy that puts you on par with the competition. Instead, put time and effort into planning so that no time or money is wasted on creating purposeless content. Need help? Contact our video production experts at Cinecut Creative!