What Social Media Videos Need to Succeed

If you logged into any social media website today, you likely came across a handful of videos either streaming live or prerecorded for distribution. This is no passing trend that will fade with time, and sources predict that 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will come from videos.

Businesses not producing videos and using social media platforms to distribute them are missing out on a great opportunity to enhance brand visibility. Like any successful marketing campaign, there are a few ingredients that make effective videos.

Cinecut Creative shares four key elements necessary for videos to succeed on social media platforms:Social Media Videos

  • Make Them Shareable. Videos don’t need to go viral to have an impact, but viewers do need a reason to share them. With Facebook averaging 100 million hours of daily video watch time, users obviously will take the time to watch video content, especially if it’s relevant to them. Analyzing what the target audience is watching and sharing is key, as well as providing content that answers their questions.
  • Design Them for Specific Platforms. Not all social media networks are the same. Facebook and YouTube are ideal for sharing longer videos, whereas Instagram and Vine will be better for short content. Also, users of each respective platform expect certain qualities in videos that are shared, so try and research specific trends before producing, editing, and distributing them appropriately.
  • Make the Viewer Priority. It might be tempting to showcase your business’s product or service as the main attraction of a video, but really what’s important is relating to the viewer and making it evident that they are the top priority as either a current or potential customer. Address the target audience in a relatable way by addressing their pain points and expressing an understanding of what they need.
  • Don’t Forget About SEO. People use search engines every day to find text and video content that improves their lives. Make sure to enrich your video titles and descriptions with SEO rich content to have them pulled in relevant searches and easily found.

Videos are taking over the social media scene and are ideal for big and small businesses alike to enhance brand awareness and increase customer conversion. Contact us at Cinecut Creative today to learn about the benefits your business could see from utilizing this great marketing tool!