4 Things That Need to be Considered Before Starting Video Production

So, after reading countless statistics and seeing the numerous benefits of using videos, your business has finally decided to improve current marketing strategies and begin video production.Raleigh Video Production

However, great videos require a little more effort than simply showing up onsite with a camera in hand. In fact, like any good campaign there needs to be meticulous thought and planning before filming occurs.

Our video production experts here at Cinecut Creative recommend these four things to consider before beginning to shoot effective marketing content.

  • What’s the Budget? One of the determining factors of production is analyzing budget constraints and planning accordingly. Contrary to what many may think, expensive equipment is not necessary for great productions. A passionate business owner with a vision and a smartphone can create high quality videos that reach and relate to the target audience.
  • What’s the Video’s Style? Are you presenting a client testimonial, a product demonstration, or a 30-second clip with a clear call to action? Before approaching the production stage, this is a key step to cover in the developmental process. Pre-planning these ideas will make filming go smoothly since there is a distinct vision in mind.
  • What Needs to Be Said? This is easily the most important part to consider before filming. All of the special effects and editing in the world won’t compensate for poorly organized and/or delivered content. In addition, it’s not just what’s said, but how it’s said. An enthusiastic, descriptive delivery will accomplish more than a few short words without much emotion.
  • Will Other Materials Be Included? Essentially this means considering whether or not to incorporate infographics, animations, before/after shots, etc. These additions can definitely enhance a video’s appeal, but it’s important to not bombard the audience with so much activity that could potentially be distracting or confusing.

There are many ways to produce a great video, and businesses that see the most success in their productions have dedicated time to planning effectively. Contact us at Cinecut Creative to receive industry-leading insight into producing marketing videos that will wow your target audience!